Woes of beta computer

Just a quick update… My dear beta Espaa emailed and said that she ordered a laptop, which would arrive on the 9th, hopefully. In the time waiting for chapter 4 revision, I’m almost done with chapter 5. While I doubt for a double-release this month, there is hope for July release for chapter 4. Thank[…]

Lacrimosa Ch. 4 update

Just a quick update… no, the chapter’s not uploaded yet, but it’s done. It’s in the hands of my trusted beta Espaa, but her computer’s having problem now (actually, I think it’s dead…) so the edit would take longer. Let us all pray that her computer can be revived soon! And I hope I can[…]

Interesting Finds

So in the process of rebuilding this site, I saw that there’s a WK fic that had a summary, but was labeled as “taken down for revision”. I found the fic in the folder that I normally store my fanfiction HTMLs, so I took a look at this work that was completed in 2003. It[…]

Tarnished Rhapsody – Finale

So at last I was able to finish this fic!  I look at the dates and found that it took me 9 years to complete the fic (yes, I know, crazy right!?) lol!  But there was a 5-year hiatus, and finally, I decided to clean out my mind and just finish the damn thing. Heh. […]