iPhone Hype

Yeah, yeah, shut up. XDD  I’m just as into hype as your average Jane.  Sue me. So, it just so happens that American Express (by the way, they suck) lowered my mom’s credit card into a lower tier (whatever that means), so that what we used to be able to do — transferring points into[…]


I’m catching up on my bloggins ’cause I’ve been so busy. ROFLMAO  Sometimes, having a boring class means I can catch up on my writing…. heh So today I am COMPLETELY exhausted…. I’ve never had the experience so it’s interesting in retrospect, but it’s exhausting nonetheless.

A Sigh at Humanity

I tried very hard to think of a good post title, but at the end I failed.  It’s just really hard to think of a title of what I’m about to say.  Thankfully this is my own journal, so I really don’t have to worry about what I”m about to write too much…. I hope.[…]

Did You Know?

Espaa sent me this today…. And it’s quite mind-turning. One of my professors actually mentioned the technology job part last quarter, so I wonder if he’s seen this before? But pass this on. Remember: If you want your children to be successful in the future, you are responsible of providing a good education to them,[…]

Starting Post…

Heh, haven’t been blogging for such a long time that it’s kind of foreign to restart again… ^^||| I”m still trying to figure out how  to get Joomla to behave the way I want to, and it’s kind of frustrating ’cause everytime I do something and save it Joomla would take at LEAST a day[…]