Quick Update on Lacrimosa Chapter 6 (and maybe 7…)

I know I’ve already passed my self-setted deadline for chapter 6, and if anyone is following my site (OvO!) I must say, “Thank you and I’m sorry!”  It’s been extremely hectic this month of September.  A large project at work that was handled by someone else was suddenly dropped onto me and my co-worker’s lap […]

Graceland, anyone? [yaoi rant]

Every summer I’m always thrilled to be watching a lot of new seasons or new shows, and this summer, USA has a brand new show called Graceland.  Different than its usual light-hearted, “mini-missions in every episode and every season has one gigantic mission” style (i.e. Burn Notice, Necessary Roughness, etc.), Graceland is more focused on […]

Gaga-ing over FF13-3

Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns has finally released some information, specifically on Snow. It’s exploding because of the information is just TOO funny, and gets my fic-writer brain all wired up. lol Supposedly (much to my delight) Snow was trapped in the Coliseum (and before anyone says “Well duh!”, hush, ’cause I haven’t finished FF13-2 […]

Inspiring Day

Today was, by far, not the best day at work. I was reprimanded for something that simply wasn’t my fault, since I was never given explicit expectations or methods on how to complete the task, and I simply completed it blindly based on my own knowledge. I was disheartened, and disappointed. An illusion bursted, if […]