FFXI Musings

The other day I was quite discouraged because DNC is horrible in getting a PT. I’m usually making my own PT since getting invites is next to nil. Sucked uberly considering I levelled WHM and BRD first, which is grabbed up literally the minute I turn on the flag. LOL Well, Sin said that DNC[…]


I’m catching up on my bloggins ’cause I’ve been so busy. ROFLMAO  Sometimes, having a boring class means I can catch up on my writing…. heh So today I am COMPLETELY exhausted…. I’ve never had the experience so it’s interesting in retrospect, but it’s exhausting nonetheless.

A Sigh at Humanity

I tried very hard to think of a good post title, but at the end I failed.  It’s just really hard to think of a title of what I’m about to say.  Thankfully this is my own journal, so I really don’t have to worry about what I”m about to write too much…. I hope.[…]

Did You Know?

Espaa sent me this today…. And it’s quite mind-turning. One of my professors actually mentioned the technology job part last quarter, so I wonder if he’s seen this before? But pass this on. Remember: If you want your children to be successful in the future, you are responsible of providing a good education to them,[…]