I’m catching up on my bloggins ’cause I’ve been so busy. ROFLMAO ┬áSometimes, having a boring class means I can catch up on my writing…. heh

So today I am COMPLETELY exhausted…. I’ve never had the experience so it’s interesting in retrospect, but it’s exhausting nonetheless.

Before I go on, I guess I need to provide a little background. So this quarter I’m only taking my credential classes ’cause I couldn’t get any MA class that would fit the time *cry* ; ; So one of my professor had a huge point system, so I’m taking all the extra credit I can get my hands on. In one of her e-mails, she asked for people to help her out in making a website that would help inner-city kids who are either first-time college goer or community college-goers in getting advice on how to go to a four-year university. Seeing how I qualify for the first-gen college goer, I volunteered for both the points and knowing I can help people.

So the professor invited me and this MA student who is getting his MA in Instructional Technology to lunch so we can work on her site. Over the weekend I wanted to put together things so I can show her what it might look like and understand what she wants for the page, how does she want the content to be laid out, etc. etc. I installed WordPress on her site, configured some things, and uploaded themes I found. However, when we met during lunch, it was a different scenario than I imagined.
First of all, she went continuously without stopping about how she started accounts on Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter, and how that is her main goal is to have all three of these social communities synced up than focusing on the website. I tried my best to keep her focused on what she needs to do, and that is to have a well-developed website that is her main point, and utilizes the social communities as her “advertisement” and “reach-out” areas, but she was just so set in her ways and talked in 120mph speed that I eventually just gave up and sat and ate my lunch. By the end of the two hour lunch, my head was spinning and I felt as if I just had a five hour class.

After lunch, I called a high school friend who now comes to my school. I ran into him last quarter, and we exchanged phone numbers. Seeing how he was a friend of mine when I was in high school, I just thought it’d be nice to keep in touch, since I don’t use Facebook or MySpace at all. He called me week before last and wanted to meet on Monday, and he stood me up without any calls. I waited for 30 minutes and left and went to the classroom to study, and he called later and offered no excuse, just apologized that “it’s a bad day” and wanted to meet today.

So this time I totally forgot until he called as I am heading to the lunch meeting with the professor, and I agreed to call him after my lunch meeting is over. I did, and we met in the open coffee shop on campus. When I met up with him he asked me two questions about what I’m doing lately, and then he just started off non-stop about his life. I was amazed how selfish someone could be, where he talked just about the same speed as my professor, but he just talked about himself. What he’s been doing, what he wanted to do, what he and his girlfriend is doing, etc. etc. etc. The entire conversation is so tiring when it’s about him, him, him. There were no room for others to talk, and he didn’t even care if you want to listen to this soliloquy or not, he just kept talking.

So within 30 minutes I got really tired, so I got up to leave. I couldn’t believe that he followed me to my classroom, and gdi I forgot to bring the code for the classroom (it’s locked) so I had to sit down on the floor outside of the classroom. He stayed and just kept on going and going and going, and even though I took out my books and notes and started studying, he would not get the hint and shut up and go away. By the time a classmate of mine who has the code came, he had already talked non-stop for an hour and a half. I escaped into my classroom and was completely drained.

And then it was another four hours of the professor, whom I had lunch with, talking…. X.x By the second hour I could just focus on getting my group project completed and I couldn’t listen to anything she was saying. My ears were ringing and my mind was like a gooey mud. I was seeing white fuzziness around my vision and I just wanted to go home. T_T

Now I know what it meant to be “talked at to death”… >< I never thought that high school classmate of mine was THIS selfish and annoying, and I never thought that talking could make someone (in this case, unfortunately, me,) so drained. I think my future husband would be thankful to them, ’cause now I know how painful it was, I would not do that to him. Ever. ><

  • kittymod
    17th July 2009 at 1:56 am

    Wow that really sucks. I hate it when people talk forever about nothing and don’t listen to you.

  • Hieru
    17th July 2009 at 2:47 am

    Tell me about it. >< His voice grates and rings in my ears for days.... T_T And guess what, he's got a girlfriend and I was thinking, "... You actually got a girl that can stand you!?"


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