So in the process of rebuilding this site, I saw that there’s a WK fic that had a summary, but was labeled as “taken down for revision”. I found the fic in the folder that I normally store my fanfiction HTMLs, so I took a look at this work that was completed in 2003. It was quite short, thankfully, with barely over 1k words, and after reading it I only found a few minor changes grammatically, and nothing major that would require pulling down. So now I’m baffled at why I did what I did years ago, heh.

I also found two more FF8 fics that were buried. One I knew why it was pulled, and one I haven’t re-read to see what happened to the fic. Quite interesting how I found three works that I could work on as a mental break while working on Lacrimosa, as well. It just felt bad that they’ve been written and discarded. I should bring them to see daylight again. Teehee.

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