Another update for Lacrimosa! *excited* I’m truly in love with this pair, and writing this fic is super enjoyable. I actually attempted to write a fighting scene for this chapter, along with other type of writing that I don’t normally write. It’s actually fun to do small research on how to write a fighting scene, and I was surprised how difficult it was. My friend who has more experience reading this type of writing got sick, so she wasn’t able to give me any beta before I publish, so there might be edits in the future. Both my beta and I have only read manga or watched movies/TVs with fighting scene before, but never read/wrote it, so it’s a challenge.

What’s interesting was that I told my mom about the challenge I was experiencing, and she actually commented that there was a very good Chinese novelist who specialist in writing martial arts novels, and went to the library to borrow a set for me. I haven’t had time to read them yet, but I will soon now that this chapter’s published. I hope I can get more reviews! teehee…

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