Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns has finally released some information, specifically on Snow. It’s exploding because of the information is just TOO funny, and gets my fic-writer brain all wired up. lol Supposedly (much to my delight) Snow was trapped in the Coliseum (and before anyone says “Well duh!”, hush, ’cause I haven’t finished FF13-2 yet!) for the 500 years, and eventually, SOMEHOW, become the mayor of “City of Pleasure” or something. OMG can there be anything MORE wrong (and fun) about that city’s name and Snow being the mayor of?! lol!

Then, of course, they have a picture of him, who now looks absolutely devilish and ravishing. His hair is longer and messier, and he has this glint and grin that’s combining all of his good features with Caius’, which now makes him one of the HOTTEST character for a long time coming. And let’s not forget that he is wielding one of the LARGEST weapon I’ve seen…. *ahem* Large feet, large weapon… Is SE trying to say something? lol!!!!

Well, good job, SE, because now I’m completely excited and simply cannot wait for the game to be released. And unlike FF13-2, which I waited until nearly a year after its release to buy it, I just might shell out the top dollar (MIGHT being the key word) for this game. I simply couldn’t wait to see how SE would develop the story between Lightning and Snow, especially (according to the very minor spoiler I read online) that Serah is gone. Well, I hope she STAYS gone, because if SE really have Snow and Lightning get together I could just die happily. Metaphorically speaking, of course. *giggles insanely*

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