Finally, an update on Lacrimosa! Whee!!  Espaa’s computer finally returned, but it took her nearly a week to edit this ficcie.  It also didn’t help that the length is equivalent to a chapter and a half at 14k words, which shocked me to no end.  The file was so big that I had to cut it into two for Deviant Art or it wouldn’t let me post… LOL!  But it’s up, and chapter 5 is under beta right now, but I think I will stick to the monthly update schedule since chapter 6’s muse bunny is nowhere to be seen.  I have a feeling that Snow took pity on poor Lightning from all the drama and took her away on vacation without letting me know… But hopefully this weekend I can at least have an outline done for the chapter to begin writing next week.

Work has been getting better, thankfully.  Got a great news that this co-worker I really don’t like because of her work ethics and quality is leaving, and my boss recognize my hard work.  We are also moving and I am already in love with my new cubicle, as long my boss doesn’t change her mind before we move… heh.  I will have an actual wall to hang art work, which would be super nice. >w<  It will also mean more privacy and bigger working space for me to abuse, so I am definitely looking forward to the move, heehee.

As SE releases more Lightning Returns clips and art, it’s making my muse bunnies jump like crazy.  It’s so hard to resist think of snippets (which Espaa has been encouraging me to write it down… not helping!) different scenarios based on what was released, especially when tension rise between Snow and Light.  I am secretly hoping that SE will see how Light and Snow are meant to be together and make that happen in FF13-3, but somehow I doubt that.  It’s kinda disappointing that Hope went back to his 14-year-old self again, though.  And that Miq’ote dress that Light wears?! ZOMGWTFBBQLOL!!!!!  Can’t wait for the game. *giggles*

Have been taking a break for the past two weeks from writing, but now that chapter 4 is up and running, I think my internal laziness has been sated and I can get back to writing some more.  I need to start jotting down ideas for some one-shots for Lacrimosa…. There are so many things that I can think of, but I’m trying to weed them out and tame myself.  The fact that I have somewhat of a beginning idea for a FFXIII/Dissidia: 012 cross-over (somewhat… can that even be called cross-over when the whole GAME is a freaking cross-over?!) fic interfering with this fic… Not helping! Not helping!  And I wanna try AU with Snow and Light… GAH!!  LOL  Just hope that I can sort out all the crazy ideas in my head and write them down to see if it’ll get anywhere…. Heh.

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