Chapter 5 is out~! And super excited!  My first hetero lemon scene… woot! lol And it was quite interesting when, in the middle of re-reading chapter 1-4 (so I can keep the continuity of the story) and editing chapter 5 that I found I have an “as” problem (get it? get it? Aww, fine…)  I think this might have stem from my English-learning days, so I really made sure I avoided using too many “as”.  And I also tried to make the language a bit concise, which, by my standards, means 2 sentences were shaved off… ^^;;;;;;

It’s been super busy this month!  I’ve been sooo exhausted after coming home that it was difficult to write, but I managed.  It also helped that I’m a bit ahead of the game, so posting several days early makes me feel good. ^^  We have a couple of large projects implementing next month, so this month have been trying to put everything together.  It’s challenging, but I’m having a lot of fun.  We also moved and my cube is spacious and comfortable, so going to work is fun everyday.  You know what they say – do what you love, and before my previous job I didn’t know how how true that was, but now I know and it’s absolutely fantastic. >w<

What’s kind of funny this month was that during lunch one day I decided to walk to the strip mall near work to get Jamba Juice and walk back, trying liquid-fasting for a day since mom and I had Korean BBQ the night before, and voila, the FF13-2/Dissidia fic idea is born!  And while it’s just a rough sketch in my head now, it was quite solid sketch so I know I’m definitely writing it after Lacrimosa is done.  I guess that puts another meaning on how exercise is good for you… LOL!  The story won’t be as complex as Lacrimosa (at least not in its current stage); it’ll be more straightforward storytelling.  That is, until my muses decided to run amok and completely change the direction (just like they did for this fic lol), so don’t hold me to that. ^_~  There are also a couple of one-shot spin-offs of Lacri that’s twirling in my head, so that would be an interesting side quest for me as well.

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