Every summer I’m always thrilled to be watching a lot of new seasons or new shows, and this summer, USA has a brand new show called Graceland.  Different than its usual light-hearted, “mini-missions in every episode and every season has one gigantic mission” style (i.e. Burn Notice, Necessary Roughness, etc.), Graceland is more focused on the larger missions and not so many random mini-missions, which tie the story plot quite well together.  The dark tone in the story surrounding drugs, murder, conspiracy, only made the show more appealing to drama-junkie like me.

HOWEVER! (And no, this is NOT a TV show review post!)  If you have been following the show like me, you’d know that the story involve Mike Warren, a freshly graduated FBI agent, training with Paul Briggs, a seasoned and sketchy yet super intelligent FBI agent.  I had the inkling since the first episode with the tension (and of course there would be tension, why wouldn’t there?!) between Mike and Briggs.  It’s all good and makes the drama nice… until the last couple of episodes, where I seriously sit up and go…

Really, there has GOT to be some Briggs x Mike fans out there!!! C’mon!!! lol

The sexual tension between those two seriously hightened during the episode where Mike got knifed by Jangles, and the whole part of Mike’s CO fearing how he has fallen under the “seductive spell of Briggs”.  I know it’s just very nice dialogue, but my yaoi otaku mind just kept going to possibilities of Mike developing feelings for Briggs.  What surprised me even more is that this is the very first time I’m having a yaoi otaku moment for a TV show!  I usually shy away from real people things, sticking to video game and anime/manga, but I really want some Briggs/Mike ficcie now!!!! (No, that don’t mean I”ll write it, heh…)

Anyone has any suggestions on Briggs/Mike ficcie?  Or, if you’ve seen the show, do you feel the same or am I just crazy? LOL

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