I kept getting notification from my web hosting’s automatic script installation thing that I need to update my WordPress and other instances. Getting curious, I looked at my installation, only to find that I actually have an Illuminatia blog. Which is very like, “… huh?” since I’m using WordPress as my site CMS now. Then I realized that I had, at one point, using plain HTML design for my site (with table design, too, how horrid,) which makes sense with a blog instance. This site has been through so much (and so little) because I never found a good direction to the site, the poor thing had been tear apart, put together, and abandoned for too many times. I’m just glad that the site is in good shape now, and even though there are still a lot of sections I want to work on (and have no time), at least it’s clean and place holders are in place. So I’ve imported the posts from the abandoned blog instance, and will probably clean up with a feature image or something to make it more consistent with the rest.

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