Yeah, yeah, shut up. XDD  I’m just as into hype as your average Jane.  Sue me.

So, it just so happens that American Express (by the way, they suck) lowered my mom’s credit card into a lower tier (whatever that means), so that what we used to be able to do — transferring points into the mileage clubs that they partner with, and that equals a round trip airline ticket — is no longer available.  I was extremely pissed off (and of course, so is mom) when I was talking to their representatives on the phone, to a point where I nearly lost my cool and cursed.  lol  They claim that back in 2006 they already informed the card users that the card was lowered down a tier, and when I kept pressing them they eventually admitted it was at the very bottom in the fine print of one of the statements.

Really.  WTF?  Seriously?

So anyway…. What’s done is done, and there’s nothing I can do about it.  So mom and I cashed in our points (no points in saving them anymore since we can’t use it to buy airline tickets unless we want it greatly depreciated (200 to $1 ratio is even a bigger WTF).  So I was browsing the Amex rewards page when I come across the iPhone 3GS gift card.  I called to double make sure this can be redeemed at the Apple store,  and that the phone can be used with my current cell carrier.  After making sure I can definitely use it, I ordered the 32GB one that costs about 2/3 of the points we have.  Mom said okay so I was so happy about it!

I mean, I know I should feel kinda bad that we lose out on the tickets and that even though iPhone is uberly cool it’s still cheaper in price compared to the airline tickets, but I can’t help but feeling extremely excited at the prospect of getting an iphone.  I went on Apple’s website to see what the new 3GS offer, and I really like what I saw.

Update: I started writing this post before I got my iPhone, but as of today I got it!! WHEE!  I still don’t have it yet because I sent it out to get modded so I don’t need to use AT&T.  It’ll take 2 days so it’ll be extremely difficult for me to pay attention this weekend on my tasks! lol

I had to have my friend help me ’cause apparently just 4 weeks ago they changed the policy so you must either prove you are an existing AT&T customer or you are starting new service with them before you can purchase an iPhone.  I was told that a lot of people would buy the gift card for $300 and then buy the phone and sell it for $600-$700 online. While that’s deplorable…. Wow, I’m amazed people could think of that.

I will definitely do a review post and cross-post it to G-Cubed of G1 vs. iPhone 3GS and compare the two.  I have enough experience with G1 that I would definitely be able to tell the differences of the two. ^^  I can’t wait!!!! >w<

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