This is my latest obsession, and the first one that is featuring a NON-yaoi pairing:  Snow x Lightning.  I am absolutely in love with the pairing, and I love Lightning to death.  It’s also worth to note that I really don’t like Serah, so you may not find my Serah as lovable (?) as she is in the game.  These fics will be labeled clearly as to which game it features (since there are 2 already and 3 coming soon), and they will be independent of each other.  So for the FF XIII-only, no mention of FF XIII-2 will be included.


| Summary | The fairy tale marriage began to crumble by reality, and Snow escaped to Academy to seek Lightning’s help.  However, their friendship turned into something deeper, especially after Lightning suffered an unspeakable trauma.
| Pairings | Snow x Lightning
| Rating | NC-17; angst
| Status | WIP
~ one ~ two ~ three ~ four ~ five ~ sixth
| Comments | This is the first new fanfic that I started after being on hiatus for so long, and it’s going to be a multi-chapter.  I’m excited about writing again, and I hope I can update on a regular basis.  We’ll see! ^^

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