For reasons unknown to even myself, I am in love with this anime, especially Schu x Aya pairing that I adore immensely. I think I know who to blame… XD However, I’m not particular fond with the Gluhen series, so all of the WK fics are written with either the original anime or the manga version as base. Gluhen will be avoided as much as possible, and Side B is definitely NOT going to happen. -_-

The Chosen Sorrow
| Summary | A shadow of the Schwartz’s past comes back to haunt the team, and inadvertently entangles Weiss as well.
| Pairings | Crawford x Nagi; Schuldich x Aya
| Rating | NC-17
| Status | Finished; possible edits
~ one ~ two ~ three ~ four ~ five ~ six ~ seven ~ eight ~ epilogue
| Comments | My first WK fic, where this is a fic-trade with Nicolicious, my beloved ‘neechan, who wrote a fic archived in the Guest section under the same name.
| Summary | Schuldich agonizes over the last possible day he may spend with his beloved.
| Pairings | Schuldich x Aya
| Rating | PG-13, angst
| Status | Complete
| Comments | Inspired by Aerosmith’s I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing, this fic was started, then for some reason abandoned for nearly two years, before being discovered and continued.  I’m taking it down nw because it needs serious editing at this moment.
Tarnished Rhapsody
| Summary | Resigned from Weiss, Aya escapes to his solitude with his beloved sister, and slowly degenerates, until a very determined Schuldich decides to capture what belongs to his.
| Pairings | Schuldich x Aya
| Rating | NC-17
| Status | Complete
~ one ~ two ~ three ~ four ~ five ~ six ~ seven ~ eight ~ finale
| Comments | This is my baby.  It needs to be mentioned that, before my account got deleted from (for NC-17 content! ><), it had 69 reviews! <3 It took me 9 years to complete this fic, with a 5-year hiatus in between, so I consider it a miracle that I was able to bounce back to writing with this fic.  Enjoy!

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