Name: Hieru Youko
Age: 29
Major: MA in Educational Technology
Location: California, USA
Occupation: Educational Technology Specialist
Language: Chinese (Mandarin), English
Instrument: Piano, Violoncello, and Voice (mezzo-soprano, amateur)

~ Favorites ~

Anime: Pokemon, Weiss Kreuz, Gensoumaden Saiyuki, Hikaru no Go (and many more, of course)
Manga: G Defend, Silver Diamond, Guide Dog Happy!, Pet Shop of Horrors, Love Mode…etc.
Video Games: Final Fantasy series, Devil May Cry, Harvest Moon, Kingdom Hearts, Prince of Persia, Tetris, Super Mario…etc.
T.V. Shows: Law & Order, Law & Order: SVU, House M.D., South Park.
Music: Classical music, Evanescence, Pop music (Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, et. al.), New Age (Yanni, Enya..etc.)
Author: John Grisham, James Patterson, Michael Connelly, Anne Rice (to some extent)

Hobby: Writing fanfiction, reading, play video games (Final Fantasy religiously XD), playing with Ball-Joint Dolls, go to karaoke, and watch TV.

Personal Goal in 2 years:

  • Finish Tarnished Rhapsody. Done!
  • Buy my dream house. Done!
  • Finish building and maintaining this website. Done!
  • Learn how to do BJD face-up well.

Personal Goal in 5 Years

  • Apply and be accepted into Stanford University for the Doctoral Program in Education.
  • Finish learning CSS, XHTML, DHTML, and FLASH.

~ Pet Peeves for Fanfictions ~

Inspired by someone’s About Me page that I forgot whose, I’m writing my own pet peeves just for the hell of it. It’s fun, and it’s constantly changing. So what the hell, y’know? ^^

  1. Missing Pairing Information: While this was not encountered most of the time, I still find this disturbing if I do like someone’s fic, and it turned out to be a pairing I don’t particularly favor. While I try to be open-minded, I find it hard to do and I’ll be the first to admit that I will cringe if I read a FF8 fic that turned out to be, say, Seifer x Zell (one of my least favorite pairing ; ; ).
  2. Blatant/Badly-written Summaries: I like the summaries to be intriguing, but if the summaries basically give out all of the fic, then what’s the point of reading it? On the other hand, if the summaries make no sense at all, it wouldn’t be appealing to me, or any other readers, at all, isn’t it? ^^|||
  3. Heavy grammatical/spelling error: I can’t say I am the Judge of all thing that is grammar and spelling, since I suffer from grammatical/spelling errors myself everyday as well. But if a fanfic have so many errors that it became difficult to read, and the author refuse to go through spellcheck and beta-editing, then it makes the readers unhappy and disgruntled, no?
  4. Lack of warnings: This is not just for me, but for many readers and writers alike. Because of the Federal law that I dutifully respect, please, if you have any works that is inappropriate for minors, then please mark it as so. If there are some contents that might be disturbing for some readers, (such as BDSM and rape…etc.) it’s always safer to mention it than to keep quiet. ^^
  5. Extreme OOCness: I don’t even write completely in-character, so I don’t mind a little OOC. But unless written with good explanation, Squall won’t suddenly be a happy-go-lucky person that squeals when a butterfly flies by, and Cloud won’t chase after anybody with heart-shaped eyes unless drugged. So… at least some ICness is very needed, please.
  6. Futanari: Futanari means chicks with dicks…. I’ve actually never read a futanari fic (well, a mention, but it was well-set-up, and it still disturbed me ^^;;) in the past, but this is simply a No-No, how’s that? ^^||| Call me hypocritical, but I can take someone who is completely androgynous and have no sexual organs at all, but futanari is off-limits for me.
  7. Bad sex scenes: It’s not a necessary part of a fic, but if you were to write one, at least have it make sense. Sex scenes that cannot be visualized is just simply a bad one, and it destroy the purpose of it. Just omit it might be better, ne?
  8. PWP: Shock of all shock!! Hieru, you don’t like PWP!? O_O Well, yeah… ^^;;; I mean, even IF an author has to write a PWP fic, I’d expect SOME sort of plot inside. I’d rather that than a fic of many kilobytes of nothing BUT sex. ^^;;; It’s just… pointless. Heh. Sex scenes should be an extra flavor of a fic, not the absolute center of it. But hey, if an author who writes it with enough of a twist, I still might love it. ^^
  9. RPS: aka, Real People Slash. I don’t know why I don’t like it. I can’t bring myself to read any RPS slash, and I will never still. Not even television slashes, for some reason. The only slash I’ve ever thought of is Interview with the Vampire, but then again, Anne Rice writes yaoi already, so it’s only natural (and it’s vampire! Duh!) But otherwise RPS is simply a no-no for me. ^^;;;
  10. WTF Crossover: NOTE! This doesn’t mean I hate crossover! This means crossovers that make absolutely no sense at all. I’ve read some great crossovers, and I love it, but I’ve also read some crossover that you cannot, for a million years, understand why oh WHY did those two series cross their paths. Crossovers are hard to write, only because you need to eiter make absolute sense to it, or just throw them into AU. Otherwise… Argh. ><
  11. Long-ass WIP: Ok, fine, I’m a perp of this fallacy as well… But I always intend on finishing my fics!! But I’ve read some absolutely GREAT fics by amazingly good authors… and I’ve waited 5 years and it’s still not done. T____T See the frustration? Good. *cry*
  12. Shota: My definition of shota is different than some, that I believe shota are fics relating to children under the age of 15. Um… I know… but… That’s just disturbing. *whimper* Especially 5 and 6 years olds… Please. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE…. No. *shudders*
  13. Disasterous HTML coding: This doesn’t pertain to only fanfictions, but all websites in default. Simply put, if you can’t read what the hell you wrote on a page, then maybe it’s time to think about changing the font’s color. And make sure to have basic HTML skills when you wanna do italics or bolds, or even blocks, or get a WYSIWYG HTML editors… or have someone do it for you. Please no red background with maroon fonts… My eyes!!! T____T

That’s about what I have so far… Again, this may be changed, of course, as some may be added, but doubtfully subtracted. These are just personal opinions anyway. XD

Azuki mentioned this, so I’ll put it out here… If anyone reads this list and is pissed off at me, you are welcome to write a fic that incorporates all of the abovementioned pet peeves just to spite me, and I will be more than happy to archive it for you, bad HTML coding and all. XD