Snow and Lightning had been dating for four years. Four wistful, blissful years. Four miserable, execrable years. Her younger brother, Loki, thought he owned her. Not that he had any power over her in any way. Only in his own deluded mind. But he tried in every way he could think of, to tear the two lovebirds apart.

Lightning awoke to the most pleasant of sensations. She had yet to open her eyes, but her hips were rolling upward to greet the slippery tongue diving and swirling about her most sensitive skin. Her hand grabbed ahold of long hair to keep her beloved right where he was. He was doing all the little things he knew she loved. Though he made no sound, Lightning was moaning lightly and arching back against the bed.

But then his tongue dipped further down and her eyes popped open. Snow never did that. She raised her head and blue eyes glared into gray. She was struck by the fact that he looked even angrier than she felt, because she felt furious.

“Loki,” she growled. “What the Hell do you think you’re doing?”

“Loving my sister?” He licked his lips, eyes still hard.

She sat up and wrenched his head back, her fingers still in his hair. He groaned and she noticed he was shaking a bit. But when she looked down, to her disgust, she saw that he was jerking off. She slapped him and he reluctantly took his hand off himself. “I would say ‘I’m sorry’…but I’m not,” he said, hands up in surrender.

She dragged him by the hair along the side of the bed, so she could reach under her pillow and retrieve her handcuffs.

“Oooo, kinky,” he remarked playfully. But his smile faded when she punched him in the jaw, then grabbed an arm and turned him around, sliding the metal hard against his bony wrist, then drug its twin closer and ensnared it as well. Then she took a leash from under the bed and walked him to the other end of the bed and secured his cuffed hands to the bedpost.

Then she wrapped a blanket around herself and called Snow. When he picked up, she said, “You need to get over here, right now.” Then she hung up, glaring at her brother.

“He’s going to kill me,” Loki stated, a tear falling out of the corner of one eye.

“Well, you were going to rape me, so what do I care if he kills you?”

“No-no-no-no-no,” he said desperately, voice rising and losing all force. “I am not that callous.”

They both eyed the bedroom door, Lightning in consternation and Loki in fear that was slowly growing toward abject terror.

At the sound of metal sliding on wood, Lightning snarled, “If you scratch my mahogany post, I will kill you.”

Loki changed tactics and began trying to wrench his hands free of the cuffs, all while attempting to not jangle the dog chain.

“Just break your thumbs,” Lightning remarked casually, though her gaze was malicious.

With eyes clenched shut through the pain, he pulled one scuffed hand free. “I am a bit double-jointed. I can bend like a pretzel.”

But as he was attempting to pull off the remaining cuff, the door burst open and Snow stood there with a gun held aloft. Blue eyes scanned the room. “What the fuck?” He pointed his weapon at Loki’s head and the younger man raised his free hand in surrender.

“It’s not what it looks like,” Loki tried to defend himself.

“I have no intention of listening to you,” Snow stated. “Just shut your mouth before I blow it off.”

Loki’s jaw snapped shut.

Lightning filled the silence. “He was in here and licking me as I was sleeping.”

Snow’s visage hardened. “Licking you where?”


Snow turned the gun on Loki again.

Loki plastered himself to the post and still had his free hand up. He was beginning to hyperventilate.

Snow stepped closer and smacked him. “Why did you do that to your sister? You freak of nature!” He stomped on Loki’s crotch and was pleased to hear him scream. He stuck the end of the barrel to Loki’s forehead. “I’d hit you, but I think you wouldn’t last very long. I think you’d cry to the police to get me out of the picture, right? So, you tell me why you did this and maybe I will let you go. Because if I have to hurt you, you’ll never talk again.”

Loki took a shuddering breath, nodding his head. Though he really wished Snow would take his foot off, he did not voice a complaint. “She isn’t really my sister. I thought if I could take your place in her bed, I might win your place in her heart.”

“You’re not helping your case any,” Snow seethed.

“He’s always been infatuated with me. I found a lot of missing photos in his room over the years.”

Loki stiffened, anticipating the shot.

“Apparently he’s been watching us or filming us. He knew how you did it. Perfectly.”

The boot heel was grinding against Loki’s reddened scrotum. His eyes clenched shut, he answered the accusation, “I was curious…what you did…to make her moan so sweetly.”

“How many do you have?” Snow demanded.

“Six-” He was backhanded. “-ty,” Loki finished, swallowing blood from his cut lip and inner cheek.

“I say we put him down,” Snow offered.

“Please don’t,” Loki begged, leaning forward despite the boot and kissing Snow’s abdomen, just above the bulge in his leather trousers. “I know I can’t replace you, look at you, you’re the epitome of masculinity. But are your hearts so full of one another that they can’t open up for one more?”

“You think I want to fuck you?” Snow scoffed.

“Who was that who climbed in my bed at night when he finished in here?”

Lightning’s gaze turned to Snow in disbelief.

“You were having nightmares. I was trying to calm you down.”

“With your hand on me?”

“Worked, didn’t it?”

“Too well,” Loki grinned. His other hand slipped free of the cuffs and he raised it passively in the air. “I was watching what she did to you, too,” he purred, staring at the apex of Snow’s legs. He smiled when the erection he’d been gawking at jumped at his words.

Snow was getting tempted. He turned his gaze to Lightning. “You knew he had photos of you and you didn’t bash his head in and you didn’t have me bash his head in…So, that means you either didn’t mind or were thinking about him too.”

“It means I knew he was born in a brothel and probably inherited his warped sex drive from his mother. He has too many children to count as it is.”

“So, you’re just a slut?”

Loki glared. “I enjoy giving people pleasure. If that is a sin, I don’t mind being guilty of it.”

Snow holstered his gun. “Did you film yourself with Light?”

“Of course.”

“Are you filming now?”


Snow peeled his boot from bruised flesh and planted it firmly on the carpet. Loki sunk lower, certain the gun would be aiming for him again.

“Suck me off.”


“Suck me off and make me think it’s her and I’ll give you a shot.”

“Then close your eyes?”


“You won’t be persuaded if you can see me.”

“You’ll take the gun and split.”

“Why the fuck would I take that? I prefer knives,” he said with a smile. “Give it to Light and she can shoot me if I bite.”

“Just don’t shoot it off,” Snow said to Light as he handed her the weapon.

She laid the gun on the bed, not interested in killing anyone.

“Don’t trust him,” Light spoke up. “He likes to take risks. He’ll do it just enough to convince you and then do something completely different for the thrill of fucking with your head.”

“Thank you, Peanut Gallery. We are so amused by your sentimentality.”

Snow raised his hand and saw the lesser man flinch. “Be nice to your sister.”

Loki nodded in acquiescence and Snow pinched his cut lip between thumb and forefinger. “I mean it. If you keep being a jackass to her, I’m going to make this be the last time you see either one of us do anything.”

Loki stiffened and Snow let him go. Loki rubbed his lip and looked at his fingers, amazed that he wasn’t gushing blood everywhere. He looked longingly at Snow. “May I?” He indicated Snow’s trousers and Snow eyed his weeping wound. “I swear I don’t have any blood diseases.”

“He goes to the clinic like clockwork. He’s a blood donor,” Lightning chimed in.

“How could you stand to spare any?”

“I have a big heart.”

Snow rolled his eyes and motioned Loki over. The smaller individual crawled forward and blinked his eyes slowly shut at Snow, causing him to do the same. A shiver of lust passed through him as he swiftly undid the massive man’s trousers. Fragrant with sweat and adrenaline and the scent of Snow, the unabashed erection jutted out at him. Loki wrapped the last two fingers and the edge of his thumb around it and began to stroke. Rhythmically.

Snow sighed and spread his legs wider. Lightning leaned forward, salivating.

Loki also leaned forward and timidly, mimicking his sister, opened his mouth and let the thick glans lay on his tongue as he moved cautiously down the length. He didn’t go as far as he could, having to placate Snow’s senses with what they knew best. He suckled the organ gingerly and began to move with relish fore and aft as he milked the remaining length with his lesser digits.

Snow grunted and moved his hands to fist in Loki’s hair.

Loki began rolling his wrist as he moved up and down the shaft and lightly humming. He could feel it reverberating through the flesh in his mouth and had to force himself not to smile. He eased off the phallus with his mouth, bringing his fingers up the shaft to rub the glans with his thumb. He swirled the seminal fluid leaking there in slow circles, his own phallus rising in sympathetic arousal.

Loki touched his tongue to the slit, then began to flick it rhythmically, before sliding his lips over the glans and partway down the shaft.

Snow held him still and began to buck his hips forward, shoving himself inward and back, threatening to break the illusion.

Loki tightened his finger grip and pulled with greater abandon, impeding Snow’s ability to think and to force him farther down the shaft. Together, they raced toward Snow’s climax. Snow abruptly lost all control, thrusts coming wildly, out of rhythm and soon coated Loki’s tongue with the bitter taste of semen that was promptly swallowed as their ears were graced by the loving gasp of “Lightning!”

On the bed, Light giggled. That broke the spell and Snow’s head jerked toward her, then his eyes opened. He looked shocked to see her on the bed. Then he looked down and saw Loki turn his head, letting the spent penis slip out of his mouth. His own erection was slightly wilted.

“You deserve an Oscar or an Emmy or whatever. Daaaamn! I always wanted to date twins.”

Loki smiled, then rubbed his aching lip, glad it still wasn’t bleeding everywhere.

Snow turned back to Light. “So, what do you want to happen next, Love? Since it was your night he ruined and he’s so willing to make it up to us.”

“You suck him off. Since you love him so much now.”

“But he’s so twiggy. What if I snap it off?” Loki laughed heartily, but Snow was serious. “No, really, it’s so cute, I’d hate to break it.”

“Just don’t bite and I’ll be fine.”

Snow took the time to undress, all eyes on him. Then he offered a hand to Loki, who grabbed it and they walked to the bed. Lightning picked up the gun and stuck it in a drawer as the lads crawled atop the bed.

Loki laid to one side of the middle of the bed and Light and Snow sat on the other side. Snow leaned down to kiss Light hungrily and she pressed up against him with happiness and relief at everything turning out okay. They pulled away with lustful grins, turning to look at Loki. Snow bent lower and kissed the prone form on his tiny red lips. Loki sighed into the kiss, tasting the mingled sweetness of both this man and his sister.

Snow attacked the slender neck with kisses, not wanting to hurt the bruised skin of his face. One giant hand swirled circles across tiny areolae, one after the other, causing Loki to arch upward into his hand. The great palm ran down the flat belly and over a slender thigh to awaken the senses. He was slightly sorry to see the wince he knew came from the ache of stomped balls.

To make it up to him, Snow stopped his well-meaning teasing and gripped the slender prick in his hand. He just pretended it was his own and began jerking it. “Ah! Nnnn! Fuck!” Loki cried out, writhing on the bed, clutching desperately at the blankets, because he was too smart to hit Snow. But as the fool only continued to rub him raw, Loki spat, “Lube, you fucking idiot!”

Snow let him go then. Upon seeing the inflamed skin, Snow decided the kid was right and resolved to just use his mouth. It was what Light asked for anyway. He bent over and lifted the erection with his thumb at its base. Then sucked it down his throat. It was thin, but long and he decided it was perfect. He went slow because he’d never done this before, but it was relatively simple, so he just increasingly went faster. And he knew he was doing it right, because the bastard beneath him had shut the fuck up and was rocking his hips upward to meet his face.

But when his nose was bopped particularly hard by the younger man’s scrotum, he decided he’d had enough of that. He gripped the bony pelvis, holding Loki still and continued at a faster pace.

Loki groaned at the bliss of being helpless and having pleasure forced on him. His head was leaned back as he looked at the ceiling, jaw agape and legs spread, hands still clutching the blankets.

To his utter delight, Lightning came over to his side of the bed and began to kiss him. She ran her tongue over his lips and then pressed gently to open them. He opened all-too-willingly and she smiled, breaking away and shoving a dildo past his lips. He laughed, but did not try to be rid of it. He tongued it and moaned in jest as she plunged it deeper.

But his breath hitched when she threw a leg over his head and straddled him. She stroked herself with the wet end of the toy and made him lightheaded with lust. He tried to lick her soft skin, but she was just out of reach. She slid the toy into herself, making soft noises of pleasure and happily ignored the mush she was making of her brother’s brain.

Loki reached up with one reverent hand and palmed the globe of one firm buttock. When she didn’t bat him away, he curled his fingers inward and slipped one inside her. Then two. Then he began to finger her. But she pulled away and smirked at him. He smirked back and suckled his fingertips. He closed his eyes and waves of bliss rocked his body. He felt himself drop from Snow’s mouth, but he didn’t care. He shot his semen across his chest and was content to lie there, basking in the afterglow.

But Light was beside him now and moving between his legs. With her friend, the dildo. Loki raised his head. “Please don’t. I’m a slut, not a whore. Men haven’t the stamina.”

“You started this. Blame yourself.” She lifted one of his legs and pressed the smooth, wet tip of it against his anus.

His eyes slipped shut and he moaned, dropping his head back. “Do it, Light. Fuck me. Fuck me with your plastic prick while your boyfriend watches.”

“That’s the spirit.” She pressed the toy continuously until his little sphincter stretched open and he groaned, spreading his legs and raising his hips. She sent it deeper and his jaw fell open. She was leaning over him, eyeing his weakness, wantonness, wariness. “You don’t trust me.”

“I don’t trust anyone.” At her sudden look to Snow, he added, “Please don’t stop.”

She smiled down at him and pulled the toy almost free of him. Then she gripped it with both hands and slammed it down into him. “Aaah! Bless you, Light…” She continued in like manner, wrenching praises from him with each downstroke until Snow joined her on the bed and pulled her away.

Loki lifted dazed eyes in silent protest. But Snow gently pulled the toy free with an obscene pop! and poured oil into his palm. He rubbed it between his hands and then liberally coated his whole phallus.

Loki licked his lips at the sight of the gargantuan phallus shining like the sun. For him. He leaned his head back and opened his arms in invitation.

Snow crawled forward and guided himself into the widened hole. They both moaned in pained pleasure as he slid deep inside, as he was much bigger than the dildo had been. Snow winced. “Damn, you’re tight. I can barely move.”

“Roll us over,” Loki responded.

Snow had no clue how that would help anything, but did it anyway.

Loki now on top, sat up a little and raised his hips, forcing Snow to slip out a bit, then he slammed himself back down, wrenching gasps of pleasure from them both. He controlled their motion until he was loosened up, then Snow gripped his hips, held him aloft and began slamming into him. Loki bent down and rained kisses on Snow’s chest. He laved the tender nipples, then sucked one as his hand slid down Snow’s sweaty body, then wrapped around his own penis and stroked it.

Loki closed his eyes and thought about the taste of Lightning, the sensation of her lips on his, the scent of Snow, the giant prick invading his body, the look of Lightning when she was fucking him with her toy. At that image, his mind blanked, body stiffened, then all his synapses fired off and he gasped in utter euphoria, his phallus pulsing in his grip, his rectum spasming around the rutting penis inside until he felt a hot gushing within. He removed his hand and let Snow lift him higher with no protest, the spent cock falling free of him with hardly any resistance. Loki collapsed to one side, content to be disgustingly sticky for the moment.

Light brought some warm, honeyed tea and offered the lads some. Though they were tired and needed sleep, they were thankful of this balm for sore throats and drank it down greedily. Then they all three snuggled together in bed and succumbed to peaceful, dreamless sleep.

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