Ratings and Terminologies

Please read this section very carefully so you will know how all the fictions and arts are rated before you view them. Please also note that, by accessing the fictions and arts sections, you have acknowledged and agreed to all warnings and disclaimers at this page, and Illuminatia and respective authors are not responsible for violating of these aforementioned rules.  (In short: if you’re a minor reading a NC-17 fic and are scarred for life, it’s not my fault ’cause I warned you here~! XD) Thank you!


~ Primary Ratings ~G – General, no age limit.
PG – Parental Guidance is advised. These may include light shounen-ai materials.
R – Restricted. Strong language and/or violence may be included, as well as heavier shounen-ai and light yaoi. Minors under the age of 18 should receive parental consent before accessing.
NC-17 – Explicit sexual contents and dramatic violence contained. No minors under the age of 18 may view these materials.

~ Secondary Ratings ~

– Bondage Domination Sado-Masochism
– Male pregnancy
Non-con– Non-consual sex
PWP – Plotless, explicit sexual story.  


Angst – emotional pain (especially the main characters’) being the central plot of the fic.
AU – Alternate Universe; meaning take the characters of some series and put into non-series-related settings.
Crossover – fanfic contains scenarios and/or characters from two or more different series.
Deathfic – character death contained.
Gen – General fiction without sexual overtone or pairings.
Het – Heterosexual contents.
OC – Original Character.
OOC – Out of Character.
Seme – the dominant character of the relationship. The one who “tops”.
Shota – male/male relationship where one or more characters are under the age of 15 in explicit sexual contents.
Shounen-Ai – male/male relationship that does not contain explicit sexual scenes.
Uke – the submissive character of the relationship. The one that “receives”.
WIP – Work In Progress.
Yaoi – male/male relationship that contains excplicit sexual scenes.
Yuri – female/female relationship that contains explicit sexual scenes.
___ x ___ – In Illumintia.net, who goes in front of the x is the seme, and the one who goes behind the x is the uke.
___ / ___ – In Illuminatia.net, this means that neither character are explicitely defined by the author/artist as seme or uke.   


Archiving Information
Please e-mail me using the Contact page or leave me a comment if you wish to archive my fanfiction anywhere on the web, be it webpage or forum.  While I’m extremely honored to have you like my fanfic so much, I would really appreciate if you can let me know before you put my work up on your page (and gives me a chance to link you too ^_^)  For the fanfiction contributed by my guests, please e-mail them directly and ask for their permission before arching their fanfiction.  Thank you very much for your cooperation~! ^^


Federal Law Says…
Below are the direct copy (without permission) of what the Federal Law says in regard to minors (people under the age of 18) viewing sexually-explicit materials. Just to let people who might have a problem about my insistence that minors should not read/view explicit sexual contents know where I’m coming from, please. Thank you!—-To be filled soon