Interesting Finds

So in the process of rebuilding this site, I saw that there’s a WK fic that had a summary, but was labeled as “taken down for revision”. I found the fic in the folder that I normally store my fanfiction HTMLs, so I took a look at this work that was completed in 2003. It[…]

Inspiring Day

Today was, by far, not the best day at work. I was reprimanded for something that simply wasn’t my fault, since I was never given explicit expectations or methods on how to complete the task, and I simply completed it blindly based on my own knowledge. I was disheartened, and disappointed. An illusion bursted, if[…]

Tarnished Rhapsody – Finale

So at last I was able to finish this fic!  I look at the dates and found that it took me 9 years to complete the fic (yes, I know, crazy right!?) lol!  But there was a 5-year hiatus, and finally, I decided to clean out my mind and just finish the damn thing. Heh. […]


Finally!!!  I think I got this website a LONG TIME ago, and if judging from its original post date of 2/9/10, I’ve had this site for at least 3 years now… And have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to it. LOL!  After a long hiatus of at least 5 years, I’m back to writing and hopefully will[…]

iPhone Hype

Yeah, yeah, shut up. XDD  I’m just as into hype as your average Jane.  Sue me. So, it just so happens that American Express (by the way, they suck) lowered my mom’s credit card into a lower tier (whatever that means), so that what we used to be able to do — transferring points into[…]