Lacrimosa – Third Movement

Another update for Lacrimosa! *excited* I’m truly in love with this pair, and writing this fic is super enjoyable. I actually attempted to write a fighting scene for this chapter, along with other type of writing that I don’t normally write. It’s actually fun to do small research on how to write a fighting scene, and I was surprised how difficult it was. My friend who has more experience reading this type of writing got sick, so she wasn’t able to give me any beta before I publish, so there might be edits in the future. Both my beta and I have only read manga or watched movies/TVs with fighting scene before, but never read/wrote it, so it’s a challenge.

What’s interesting was that I told my mom about the challenge I was experiencing, and she actually commented that there was a very good Chinese novelist who specialist in writing martial arts novels, and went to the library to borrow a set for me. I haven’t had time to read them yet, but I will soon now that this chapter’s published. I hope I can get more reviews! teehee…

Interesting Finds

So in the process of rebuilding this site, I saw that there’s a WK fic that had a summary, but was labeled as “taken down for revision”. I found the fic in the folder that I normally store my fanfiction HTMLs, so I took a look at this work that was completed in 2003. It was quite short, thankfully, with barely over 1k words, and after reading it I only found a few minor changes grammatically, and nothing major that would require pulling down. So now I’m baffled at why I did what I did years ago, heh.

I also found two more FF8 fics that were buried. One I knew why it was pulled, and one I haven’t re-read to see what happened to the fic. Quite interesting how I found three works that I could work on as a mental break while working on Lacrimosa, as well. It just felt bad that they’ve been written and discarded. I should bring them to see daylight again. Teehee.

Inspiring Day

Today was, by far, not the best day at work. I was reprimanded for something that simply wasn’t my fault, since I was never given explicit expectations or methods on how to complete the task, and I simply completed it blindly based on my own knowledge. I was disheartened, and disappointed. An illusion bursted, if you will.

Yet, just after I finished venting it to my mom, I checked my Facebook on my phone. And I saw a quote posted by my university mentor, and I felt that it was inspiring. I felt it was God’s way of comforting me and petting me on the head and said it was okay, that everything was okay.

So I thought I’d share the story and document today. This is a rough translation, since the story was in Chinese.

Maybe in your life, someone told you something negative; maybe the so-called “experts” tell you you will never succeed, that you can never climb to the top, that you don’t have what it takes to be successful. Don’t believe in these lies. If God wants you to succeed, who can stop you? Breakaway the limitations from the past, and let your heart set on a brand new, positive attitude beliefs. Breakaway from limitations will change your life and your children’s life.

Lacrimosa – Second Movement

Wow, believe it or not, I was able to finish the second chapter of this fic within a week or so.  This has got to be some kind of record! LOL  I guess being sick at home from bronchitis for two days does make one do nothing but sleep, eat, and write fics.  Thank God I still have vacation days to use… ><  But this coughing and chest pain I could do without. *sigh*  I did, however, find it interesting that FFN has traffic trackers now, so I become deranged and love to check it every day.  I’m crazy like that. LOL

The next chapter for Lacrimosa will definitely take longer than a week or two, since for me it’s a turning point for their relationship and it would be long.  I’m gonna challenge myself to actually write out all the details instead of skipping it like I did for Tarnished Rhapsody, and without giving away too much, that’s all I’m saying right now. Hehehe.  We’ll see how it goes.  I am, however, quite proud of myself for writing out the sparring scene in this chapter.  I know it’s not the best, since I’m definitely not an action writer and haven’t really read much into action novels, but I’m hoping it’s believable.

With that said… I think it’s time for me to go lie down again, after posting around the net of the updates. Hehe.  Ciao!

Lacrimosa – First Movement

Yay! A new fic!  Please check out Lacrimosa – First Movement in the Final Fantasy XIII section!  As always, comments and feedback are extremely welcomed and wanted!

This one actually came quite quickly, I guess I was still riding my stride from completing Tarnished Rhapsody.  I’m really excited about writing this fic, and I hope that I can update more regularly, about once a month or so.  Evernote really helped in writing, and poor Espaa had to kept asking clarification questions about the series since she never played the game before, lol.

I was really inspired by a lot of the beautiful fan art available on Deviant Art.  I didn’t know fan art nowadays can actually be 3D/Poser, and it looked absolutely amazing.  I have Snow x Light as my wallpaper now, and if I find one that doesn’t have Snow being half-naked I’ll use that as my wallpaper at work too, hehe.

This is the one that I have on my PC, and I have 2 other ones on my work iPad, mwahaha.  I saw my boss glancing at it the other day…. Oops? XD  Check out LoneWolf117 and other talented posers on Deviant Art, and you’ll see how my little Pikachu heart just squeal in delight for so many like-minded fans.  Woot!




Tarnished Rhapsody – Finale

So at last I was able to finish this fic!  I look at the dates and found that it took me 9 years to complete the fic (yes, I know, crazy right!?) lol!  But there was a 5-year hiatus, and finally, I decided to clean out my mind and just finish the damn thing. Heh.  It was good that I didn’t want to drag it out any longer, and despite the complaints from my beta and my dear friend, I decided to forego some scenes just so that the story is more streamlined.  So, at least it’s done. Hehehe.

Tarnished Rhapsody – Finale

I’ve started a new fic that’s on Final Fantasy XIII, featuring the pairing Snow x Light, so that would be my next project, because I have a feeling that it’s about the same scope and size with this one.  Hopefully I won’t take another 9 years to finish it… Knock on wood! >w<  I just have to say…. iPad/iPhone + keyboard + Evernote = LOVE! XD

Still getting used to blogging again… I hope I can keep it up!


Finally!!!  I think I got this website a LONG TIME ago, and if judging from its original post date of 2/9/10, I’ve had this site for at least 3 years now… And have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to it. LOL!  After a long hiatus of at least 5 years, I’m back to writing and hopefully will start pushing and promoting this site.  It’s been quite a long time since I run anything that’s fan-related personal site, sol I do hope this won’t be a one-time wonder again.  The site has a new theme, with new plugins, and new organizations.  We’ll see how it goes.  Oh, and I’m changing the publish date on this post…. Just to make sure it reflects today’s date. Haha.  Will try to write more! ^^

iPhone Hype

Yeah, yeah, shut up. XDD  I’m just as into hype as your average Jane.  Sue me.

So, it just so happens that American Express (by the way, they suck) lowered my mom’s credit card into a lower tier (whatever that means), so that what we used to be able to do — transferring points into the mileage clubs that they partner with, and that equals a round trip airline ticket — is no longer available.  I was extremely pissed off (and of course, so is mom) when I was talking to their representatives on the phone, to a point where I nearly lost my cool and cursed.  lol  They claim that back in 2006 they already informed the card users that the card was lowered down a tier, and when I kept pressing them they eventually admitted it was at the very bottom in the fine print of one of the statements.

Really.  WTF?  Seriously?

So anyway…. What’s done is done, and there’s nothing I can do about it.  So mom and I cashed in our points (no points in saving them anymore since we can’t use it to buy airline tickets unless we want it greatly depreciated (200 to $1 ratio is even a bigger WTF).  So I was browsing the Amex rewards page when I come across the iPhone 3GS gift card.  I called to double make sure this can be redeemed at the Apple store,  and that the phone can be used with my current cell carrier.  After making sure I can definitely use it, I ordered the 32GB one that costs about 2/3 of the points we have.  Mom said okay so I was so happy about it!

I mean, I know I should feel kinda bad that we lose out on the tickets and that even though iPhone is uberly cool it’s still cheaper in price compared to the airline tickets, but I can’t help but feeling extremely excited at the prospect of getting an iphone.  I went on Apple’s website to see what the new 3GS offer, and I really like what I saw.

Update: I started writing this post before I got my iPhone, but as of today I got it!! WHEE!  I still don’t have it yet because I sent it out to get modded so I don’t need to use AT&T.  It’ll take 2 days so it’ll be extremely difficult for me to pay attention this weekend on my tasks! lol

I had to have my friend help me ’cause apparently just 4 weeks ago they changed the policy so you must either prove you are an existing AT&T customer or you are starting new service with them before you can purchase an iPhone.  I was told that a lot of people would buy the gift card for $300 and then buy the phone and sell it for $600-$700 online. While that’s deplorable…. Wow, I’m amazed people could think of that.

I will definitely do a review post and cross-post it to G-Cubed of G1 vs. iPhone 3GS and compare the two.  I have enough experience with G1 that I would definitely be able to tell the differences of the two. ^^  I can’t wait!!!! >w<

TheSpeedGamers – Final Fantasy & Charity


I definitely believe this warrants a post, because it’s always nice to see gamers doing something for a good cause. So if you have any spare change and love Final Fantasy, head over to the website and donate a few bucks for the cause.

Basically, between July 17 – July 24, the guys at TheSpeedyGamers will be playing Final Fantasy I – XII non-stop through to raise money for the Autism foundation (the correct name will be updated once I get home). They’ve been going on for 44 hours already, and they’re still going strong. I think they’re playing the thing live but when I get the information I’m on cell. I’ll definitely take a look when I get home. ^^

So head on over to TheSpeedyGamer and give them all a cheer. ^^