FFXI Musings

The other day I was quite discouraged because DNC is horrible in getting a PT. I’m usually making my own PT since getting invites is next to nil. Sucked uberly considering I levelled WHM and BRD first, which is grabbed up literally the minute I turn on the flag. LOL

Well, Sin said that DNC are one of the few jobs that can solo and take down some NMs by themselves. Slow, yes, but DNC are the epitome of preserverence. So because of that, I think I will definitely tough it out and just level my DNC using Campaign Battles…. 20-30 minutes for 2k+ of experience, meh, that’s not too bad, I guess….

I’m thinking about the next job I should level after DNC. I know I said I was gonna level NIN, but without a healthy gil income, I’m not sure if I should level NIN since, even with the deflation, the NIN tools are quite expensive. Urgh. ><  I’m kind of thinking of levelling BLU… It looks quite interesting, and Nar made it so uberly strong.   And I know I’ll look great in the AF because I saw the ToAU CS. XD

Other jobs I’m considering of levelling…. RDM – for the sexiness of the pimpy AF, and the uber need of them. The beginning levels will suck, but after 42 I think it would be good.

COR – Having the AF is still my dream, but according to Ast, COR is even MORE expensive to level than NIN, which is something I’m not particularly fond of. Besides, I still need to level RNG for its sub, though I was told that WHM would work just as well.

NIN – Well, yeah, since I’m like, 3/5 (or was it 2/5?) on the AFv2, I really should level this to 75… Problem is, I hate WAR (sorry Vitt ^^;; ) and to think about taking WAR from 18 to 37 makes me want to cry. That and, yeah, as mentioned above, the ninjutsu tools = gil drain…. ; ;

SMN – I’ve seen Ast in action, and I want to do what he could do. But I heard that SMN is another BLM, where you basically have to solo all the way to 75 ’cause everyone would want you in missions but nobody would want you in PTs. I don’t know how it is nowadays, but that concept still scares me ; ; Not that I level any faster with PT than solo, especially with FoV, but still… *thinks*

SCH – Just because, again, the AF, and that Xtc yelled at me the other day for levelling SCH lol I read the wiki and I’m uberly confused as to what exactly SCH do. LOL

Bottom line, there’s still a lot of jobs I want to level, and the last ten levels of DNC means I really have to grind it out because I hate stagnation, but afterwards I probably should either take a break and level my subs, (WAR and/or DRK if I wanna level RDM…. Oh, and SCH…) and then decide which job I want to take to 75 next. Hmm…. Decisions decisions….

A Sigh at Humanity

I tried very hard to think of a good post title, but at the end I failed.  It’s just really hard to think of a title of what I’m about to say.  Thankfully this is my own journal, so I really don’t have to worry about what I”m about to write too much…. I hope. lol

So anyway, I went to the mall today with mom.  We went to the Coach store, where I got this coupon from my cell’s coupon app.  The coupon itself just said print it out, and nothing else.  However, when I handed it to the store clerk, she said it wasn’t redeemable.  When I request that perhaps I could fax it in, she went to ask her manager.  So far, so good.

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Did You Know?

Espaa sent me this today…. And it’s quite mind-turning. One of my professors actually mentioned the technology job part last quarter, so I wonder if he’s seen this before? But pass this on. Remember:

If you want your children to be successful in the future, you are responsible of providing a good education to them, and that doesn’t mean sending them to private school, but rather urge your local school board to provide adequate funding and education to your local school!

Teaching is the only profession that is regulated by people NOT of that profession.

Starting Post…

Heh, haven’t been blogging for such a long time that it’s kind of foreign to restart again… ^^|||

I”m still trying to figure out how  to get Joomla to behave the way I want to, and it’s kind of frustrating ’cause everytime I do something and save it Joomla would take at LEAST a day for the result to show up on the browser, which sucked majorly.  I’m still trying to “negotiate” with it to see how I can make it the way I want to, and I think I’m seeing the light soon, but still need to test it around to get it all worked correctly. *SIGH*  If Joomla is suppose to be easier than Drupal, I’m  so freaking glad I didn’t go with Drupal >.>  Like I said, I’m still testing Joomla, and either until I figure it out and decide I hate it, or I give up (one or the other) and stick with WordPress permanently as my CMS, I’m going to keep using WP for blogging tool first and then Joomla as site CMS.

So the new quarter just started about a week ago, and the week-long break (can’t even call it a vacation ’cause it’s so freaking short) doesn’t give any breathing room, it seems.  By this weekend I was completely depressed and the measly 100 pages reading seemed to have quadrupled themselves and made the reading (a really good and fun material) that much harder.  I didn’t know I was close to burning out until my mom mentioned it.  So I’m thinking of either going to the mall or to the karaoke this Friday to relieve some stress… Hopefully it’ll do my brain some good.

It’s kind of amazing how writing is a momentum, almost.  I know I used to be able to sit in front of the LJ client and just kept on typing forever until I get a freaking long post, but now I’m struggling to think of what to write. LOL  Hopefully it’ll pick back up soon.  I also need that to keep on working on my fanfics… ><  I haven’t do that for so long because of school and life stress that I don’t know what to write, even though I know how the story goes.  Think I might take a break from WK after finishing Tarnished Rhapsody and work on some FFXI fics.  I definitely want to work on my COR storyline (even though my COR is only level 10!! LOL) and my BRD storyline.

Speaking of FFXI… My DNC is finally level 58, and about 50% into level, woot! ^^  I’m going to try soloing a little the next couple of days and see if I can bring it up at least to 59.  Hopefully with the Xarcabard FoV giving about 1k exp per page, I would be able to level quicker by myself.  PT is still the better way to go, most definitely, but I just don’t have that much time. T_T  Whereas 30 minutes for about 1.5k exp is slow as hell, but I can stop anytime I want.  Kinda the poor, stressed-out student’s option of leveling. LOL  At least it’s better than in the past with NO FoV support…. ><  I want 60 so bad ’cause Ise looks uber sexeh with DNC outfit!! >w<  And I  definitely have to go find that program where I can have him wear what I want him to wear—- the female version of the DNC AF.  LOL  That, would just be SO HOT…..

Alright, that’s enough for today.  Gotta go showery and then prepare for class.  Ciao~