Consolidating the blog

I kept getting notification from my web hosting’s automatic script installation thing that I need to update my WordPress and other instances. Getting curious, I looked at my installation, only to find that I actually have an Illuminatia blog. Which is very like, “… huh?” since I’m using WordPress as my site CMS now. Then[…]

Woes of beta computer

Just a quick update… My dear beta Espaa emailed and said that she ordered a laptop, which would arrive on the 9th, hopefully. In the time waiting for chapter 4 revision, I’m almost done with chapter 5. While I doubt for a double-release this month, there is hope for July release for chapter 4. Thank[…]

Lacrimosa Ch. 4 update

Just a quick update… no, the chapter’s not uploaded yet, but it’s done. It’s in the hands of my trusted beta Espaa, but her computer’s having problem now (actually, I think it’s dead…) so the edit would take longer. Let us all pray that her computer can be revived soon! And I hope I can[…]

Gaga-ing over FF13-3

Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns has finally released some information, specifically on Snow. It’s exploding because of the information is just TOO funny, and gets my fic-writer brain all wired up. lol Supposedly (much to my delight) Snow was trapped in the Coliseum (and before anyone says “Well duh!”, hush, ’cause I haven’t finished FF13-2[…]