Chapter II


Some people say that dignity is the heart of the soul. Well, not if you’re hungry. Hunger should be the one that’s controlling the soul, really.

For a certain Oracle anyway.

It was well past 8’o clock did his stomach’s complaints got to the man’s head, and forcing him to leave his desk (and the hideous tax return) to look for something edible. Just to quiet down the stomach, that is. Sometimes Brad Crawford hated these natural instinct that kept reminding him that he was a human afterall.

And he had thought Estet was the evil ones. Not comparing to those tax auditors….

Shooking his head in dismay, he entered the kitchen, only to find the house empty. Well, that’s odd… he did remember hearing Nagi and Schuldich bicker in the kitchen, but where’s everyone now? Schuldich probably went to look for his kitten so he could get fed, and Nagi….

Ah, here it is. He’s going to 7-11… But wait, this signed at close to 7am, and the store was only two minutes away from their apartment. Logically, it shouldn’t take that long to buy what he needs, should it?

Even though Crawford wanted to stay calm, a rush of sudden fear enveloped the American. He clutched at his chest that started to pound so hard that he felt like he’d explode, and cold sweats started to roll down his paled cheek. Something was wrong. Terribly wrong.

And Goddamn his powers are not working! Crawford cursed fluently in English, hating himself for his uselessness. He tried to send out his mental connection to Nagi, but failed as he came to a dead end in searching for the boy. That only agitated his fear as he almost screamed for Schuldich’s mind.


“And then he—– OUCH!!!!!!” Schuldich cried out loudly, rubbing his temple as continued to whine.

Aya got up immediately from his seat, and kneeled slightly so he could rub his lover’s head for him, “What’s wrong?”

Schuldich shook his head, smiling softly at his kitten as he turned to the window, glaring, ::What the FUCK is your problem, Crawford!?::

::Do you know where Nagi is?:: came the voice of Crawford, except it was filled with worry and… was it fear that Schuldich was picking up? Hm, that’s odd….

Schuldich shook his head, nuzzling against Aya’s palm, ::No, why? I thought he was cooking you and Farfie.::

Crawford was literally jittery as he paced around the kitchen, ::But he went out to 7-11 almost two hours ago, left a note saying that he’s buying stuff you forgot to get last night…. And he’s not here!!!::

::Yo, chill, Crawford!:: Schuldich frowned. Even though he had long peeked at Crawford’s love life and had an interesting discovery, which he made sure Crawford knew and had the man chased after him for a nice long period of time with death threats. ::I’m sure he’s around. Can’t you connect to him?::

Crawford snapped with impatience, ::If I could, would I be asking you? Goddamn it!::

The man’s furious~ Schuldich mouthed the word to Aya, who had been watching Schuldich with a confused glance. Crawford, he explained silently, which the redhead nodded and stepped away, started to clean the table– a courtesy he always give Schuldich whenever the German was communicating with his teammates, even when he couldn’t hear their mental conference. He knew if he was close to Schuldich he would be distracted from his task.

Which the German was until Aya stepped away, and he pouted. Sometimes he hated Aya’s courtesy and whatnots… He was having a nice time nuzzling him…. ::Alright, calm down, Crawford. Yeesh, those tax returns really got on your nerves.::

Ignoring Crawford’s strand of cursing, he smiled and extended his power to reach for the youngest member of Schwartz…

Only to found himself reaching nothing at all. He frowned, and tried again.

Same thing.

Alright, now panic.


It hurts……..

Damn it, what the hell happened?! Schuldich is -SO- going to pay for this……..

And someone turn off that damned light…..


What the……

“Nagi-chan! Come here!”

What the hell……..

“Mommy! I want ice cream, please~~~~~ Shitsu-chan too!!!”


“We’ll wait for Daddy to come home, and we’ll all go for some ice cream, alright?”


That voice…… No……

“Hurry up, Daddy!!!”

“Coming, Nagi….. Com—-”

No!! Don’t come any closer!!!!

Loud screech….. Crashing…..

Emergency’s siren…… Woman sobbing….. Spectators’ murmuring…..

All I wanted was some ice cream…….

“…. I’m sorry, ma’am, we tried, but your son’s gone.”


“…..Stop!! No!!”

“You’re misbehaving. A bad kid needs to be punished….”

“…..But I’m not a bad boy!! I’m a good kid!!!! Don’t do this!!!!!”

“Bad kid……”

“Bad kid……”

“Bad kid…..”

“I’M NOT!!!!!!!!!”






I’m not…… It’s not my fault……



It’s not……

My fault…..


Another page of data. Another result.

Another analysis.

“How is he behaving, Doctor?” Takatori Kenichi asked, exhaling his cigar smoke upwards as he glanced at the boy behind the glass window with emotionless eye. An eye that was almost grey in color, indicating the lifelessness of itself. A failure.

“Using sound and physical feelings’ stimulation did increased his power,” the doctor answered, “And we also successfully trapped his mind in such state so that his memory stayed in the event days.”

“Very good…..” the handsome man, in his mid-20s, slowly walked up to the glass window. His reflection soon dissolved as he approached closer, and a black gloved hand caressed the window, tracing the outline of a crying boy’s face. “Very good indeed…..”


—-To Be Continued….

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