Chapter IV


“Where am I?” was the first phrase he said when he woke up. The boy sat on the bed, blinking warily as he examined the room. It was lifeless, almost. With a table next to the bed he stayed on that had a lamp on there, plus a closet at the foot of the bed. Other than that, the room was empty, with no signs of anybody ever stayed in here. In fact, this looked more like a prison cell than anything else.

As the boy sat on the bed, still wondering what the -HELL- was he doing here, the only door to the room was pushed open. A man in a black coat came in, and he smiled coldly at his discovery. “Ah, I see you’re awake, Nagi.”

Nagi turned, blinking, “…..Is that….. my name?” he asked, a little confused. His head hurts, and he tried to recall anything that might explain the question he just asked.

Which he found none.

“….Who am I?”


“You have GOT to be kidding me,” Schuldich stared at Aya in disbelief. For the first time in his life, he had wished he didn’t have his mind-reading power, or else he wouldn’t be able to find that Aya was telling the truth, even if he didn’t wanted to.

So all of Schwartz members were actually a descendant of the Takatori family!? And they were… an experiment!? It sounded almost too ridiculous to believe. How!? And if Takatori were to know this, wouldn’t they be working for the Takatori family instead of Estet? Why would Takatori Reiji went through all the trouble to ask Estet for help in his politician life, if they, being the main power that Estet relied on, were a part of Takatoris?!

Aya sighed. He was having an extremely hard time of telling Schwartz the truth, and he hated being the messenger simply because he had the closest relationship with one of the Schwartz member. Shaking his head, he placed the documents in front of Crawford, who sat across him, deep in thought as his brows knitted together tightly. “These are the DNA pattern Omi managed to hack into, and if you do care, use that to compare to your own. Supposedly to be an 80% or higher match.”

“An experiment…..” Farfarello murmured, shaking his head. In fact, he hasn’t stopped ever since Aya bore the truth. “Then….. that whole affair… was……”

“Your father couldn’t take it, I assume, to find your mother….”

Schuldich gritted his teeth, “And that’s the cause of our bitter childhood!? All because we were an experiment!?” He stood up, pacing around the room, and stopped, slamming his fist into the wall. “GODDAMN IT!”

Crawford quietly finished reading all the documents, including Takatori Kenichi’s last known DNA files, and their mother’s DNA files. He didn’t need to run a DNA test to see if they were a match, since Estet already took their blood samples when they were bought from their families, and Nagi had saved the files before the organization went down. Crawford was more than familiar as to their own genetic patterns, and to see something so similar in front of them — was more than he could take.

Then he paused.

“Wait, Fujimiya….” Crawford quickly flipped through the pages, frowning, “It makes sense if Schuldich and Farfarello are my brother… but what about Nagi? And besides, how do you explain our age difference?”

Aya shook his head, “He’s not your ‘birth father’, but more of your… creator. He manipulated your mothers’ reproductory system, and injected some sort of chemical that made sure their first child after the experiment would have the genetic pattern that he designed instead of your birth father’s, which he used most of his DNA patterns. So no matter when your mother was concepted, your DNA would be the same with his.”

“How was that humanly possible!?” Schuldich grabbed Aya’s shoulder tightly, not caring if he was hurting the slender Weiss or not. “This was all too absurd to be possible!”

Aya winced slightly, but he didn’t show much of his discomfort, knowing how hard this was to all three of the Schwartz. “….I don’t know. I don’t know much about science, so I couldn’t tell you… But,” he looked at Schuldich sadly, “How do you explain your powers? Even the greatest ESP in the world couldn’t match any of you….”

“So genetically, he was still our birth father?” Farfarello asked, reading his own documents. “And we were…. Then why did he take Nagi only? Shouldn’t any of us do? And why do our powers differ?”

Aya shook his head, “I don’t know…. Omi’s guess was that since Nagi, to be honest, is the strongest among all four of you, that Takatori chose him. As to your powers… Perhaps your mother’s genetic patterns matter as well?”

Crawford sighed in frustration, taking off his glasses as he tossed the documents back to the table, rubbing the bridge of his nose in exhaustion. “…. Then how do we find Nagi? I would rather… worry about all these DNA things later, since I frankly don’t care.”

Aya nodded, pushing Schuldich slightly, requesting the Schwartz let go of him. Schuldich snapped back into reality and found his lover’s arms were bruised, all thanks to him, and quickly released the boy. Aya flipped through the many documents on the table, and found a map and a satellite photo. “This is where we found Hirofumi…. It looked abandoned, but,” he paused, picking out a data sheet that differs from the rest, “when Ken and Yohji went to do a infrared scan, they detected a heavy metal signals emitting from the house. We don’t know where the entrance is, but my guess is around…” Aya pointed at a small black dot, almost invisible, on the satellite photo, “Here. This is where the scan was unable to pick up, and neither could the satellite. What better way to appear abandoned than to seal off the exit?”

Crawford nodded, and studied the map and the data sheet. He finished within thirty minutes, memorizing every single detail that Aya had brought with him, and gave the files back to Aya, who had to bring it back to Kritiker once they were done. “Thank you, Fujimiya….” he said with deepest sincerity, “I know we weren’t friendly with you in the past, and for that I’m deeply sorry, and thank you very much for helping us. We’ll take care of the rest now, since this is our ‘family business’.”

Aya got up, the folder filled with the documents tightly in hand, and nodded. “……. Good luck,” he said, and casted another worry glance at Schuldich before heading out of the place.

He was stopped right before he got to his car, however, by a truck that suddenly pulled up before his Porsche. Aya stepped back, an ominous feeling rose from the pit of his stomach. Just when he was about to grab his katana from his car, he felt something pressing against his skull. A gun, no doubt.

“We’ll take that, thank you very much,” the malicious voice said behind him, reaching over Aya and snatched the files away from his hands. Aya attempted to move just ever so slightly, and two more men in an unknown mercenary uniform held his arms, making him immobile. The man appeared to be the leader grinned, and shook his head. “Such a fiesty one, huh? Too bad you ain’t a girl or I’d take you as my woman.”

Aya hissed, and kicked backwards, using his car as a jumping pad, and flipped behind the men to kick them away from him, which his assaulters did not expect. Once freed, Aya started to run back to where he came from, attempting to seek Schuldich’s help until he felt a sharp pain in his leg, and he fell to the ground with a thud. A clean, thorough penetrated gun wound.

“Tsk tsk……. It would be much easier if you would’ve just cooperated…..” the man smirked and approached Aya, helding up a tranquilizer. “That way you wouldn’t have been harmed, lovely…..”


“Aya….. Get that……..”




“Would someone get that!?” Schuldich growled as he flipped from the bed, and grabbed the phone, only to realize that he was alone (which he hated) and that the phone was not the one Schwartz shared, but his private line that only certain amount of people could use.

Namely his lovely kitten.

“Aya?” Schuldich sat up, ruffling his messy hair as he tried to open his eyes, “What’s wrong?”

The voice that came through was a familiar one, but not the one he was expecting. “Schuldich-san, sorry to bother you… But you’ve saw Aya-kun today, didn’t you? Is he still there?”

“Omi,” Schuldich recognized, and sighed as he got up to get a glass of water, wondering why the little boy was calling. This is his special line just for Aya, Goddamnit! “Yeah…. But he left already. Like, this afternoon. Why are ya asking? And why are ya calling this line?” he asked, whining at the last sentence.

Omi gasped, “This afternoon!? But….. He hasn’t come home yet, and we traced his car to be still in your garage!!! I thought…….”

Now that definetly snapped Schuldich to full awakening. “What do you mean ‘he hasn’t come home yet’?! He left a long time ago and told me that he’s heading back to Koneko!!”

“But he hasn’t!!! His car is still at your garage!!!” Omi cried, panicking. “He told us he’d be home before dark, since we still need to go over some information regarding Nagi and his disappearance, but it’s passed midnight and we haven’t even heard a word from him!!!”

Schuldich growled, telling himself to calm down mentally as he did the same to Omi, and prayed to the God he once laughed at with Farfarello that Aya would be ok. That this would be no big deal. “Alright, kitty, did you inform Kritiker yet?”

Omi nodded, “Just before I call you. Yohji-kun is still on the line with them.”

“Good,” the German nodded, “I’ll tell the others, and we’ll go out and look for him. But if we can’t find him within the next 24-hours….” he paused, swallowing before murmuring his next sentence.

“…….. We panic.”

“Papa?” the boy sat up from the bed, looking around. He used the small blanket to cover his nakedness as he got off the bed, searching the luxurius master bedroom for his ‘Father’. “Where are you?”

“Over here, Nagi,” the man smiled, signaling the boy to go over there. He took Nagi into his arms, kissing the boy and fonding his chest as he whispered to his ears. “Isn’t he pretty?”

Nagi casted a curious eyes on the naked youth lying on the sofa, snuggling closer to his Father as he gasped for breath, rocking against the man’s hand motions. “I like his hair….. ahn……. Like….. Like flower…….. Red….. flowers…… ahn…. more…….”

He smiled, kissing his little slut and complied, adding more pressure to his hands, “Yes…… And he’s your new toy, Nagi…… Papa loves you so much….. Papa wants you to have all the fun, ok…..?”

Nagi turned around, straddling the man as he kissed him deeply, “Thank you, Papa!! I’ll treasure him!! Thank you!”


“You’re most welcome, my beautiful son……………”
To Be Continued……
Author’s Note: Please don’t try to even figure out the logical sense of all the DNA stuff I wrote in here. Frankly, they aren’t true, duh. >v< Just take it as it is like you would an anime. Hey, it won’t make sense, but it’ll happen. It’s anime! ^^

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