Chapter V

Disclaimers and Warnings: This chapter contains explicit sexual scene(s) that is not suitable for minors. Please do not progress unless you are either over the age of 18 or has parent(s) consent. Also, the sex scene involves brainwashing, BDSM, and sex more than one partner. If these offends you, please click here to skip to the bottom of the fic, where the story plot will resumes. You have been properly warned.


“…Stop!! Nagi!” Aya struggled against the binds furiously, looking down at the innocent-looking boy with a horrified expression. Yes, a horrified one. Never had he thought that he would someday be raped.

By Nagi.

And the way Nagi looks at him was…. disturbing. It was as if he was looking at a toy, like lego or barbie or something. Except his eyes were glinting in both lust and excitement. Something that Aya was told by Schuldich to mean trouble.

A hell lot of trouble.

“Aww, Ayan~~~” Nagi purred, tracing his finger at Aya’s exposed entrance. “Stop squirming!! You’ll like it!! Besides, it’s fun!!!” he chirped, and looked around, searching for a lubrication.

Which, unfortunately (to who, one may ask,) he found none.

“Just do it without it, Nagi. He won’t break,” his ‘Father’ said from behind, watching the scene with great interest. “Humans are very flexible, my dear.”

Nagi gave it a thought, and nodded, giggling like a child. “Ok, Papa!!!”


Aya was about to ask question when his mind was blanked out because of the sudden intrusion and the pain that came with it. He let out a loud gasp, and bit his lower lips tightly, not wanting to give any pleasure to the sadistic man that sits behind Nagi, enjoying the show.

Nagi held the leaves of the corn, and inserted the ear in again. He only inserted about a third, since that’s what Papa say he should be doing, and he was fascinated with the blood that came out with it.

[A pause: I’m serious, this happened in Boku no Sexual Harrasement 2. I was like, OH MY….. woo~ *cackles*]

“Ah… S… Stop…….” Aya moaned, his head pounding and he thought he saw stars behind his eyes. There was something….. in the room. Something weird…. that’s making his head spin. And the pain of the large thing inside him…. Filling his entrance, stretching it to almost impossible… Was starting to feel good.

Real good.

So was the bindings that immobilized him. He find the ones on his knees a little irritating now, since they trapped both of his legs so they stay folded to his chest, and he wanted to spread his legs.

No… he can’t think like that. He mustn’t……..

But it seemed like the right thing to do. The logical thing. Obey and pleasure his Master.




Aya squirmed a little, “More……. Nagi…….. i…….. in…….” he moaned, his eyes glistened in lust, yet his iris started to became blank. Dull. Controlled.

Nagi giggled, “I told you you’d like it…….” he said, and toss the corn away. “But I want to try some new thing…..”

Aya wriggled, not wanting his entrance to be empty. “No……. put it….. back in………”

Takatori Kenichi grinned, and waved his hand as the scientist behind the black window stopped the machine. They had the kitty in the bag now. Smiling, he pressed a button, releasing Aya of his painful yet delicious binding, and the boy got onto his all fours immediately, reaching back to finger himself, inserting and pulling it out.

Until Nagi came back, pouting and swatting his hands away. “Mou~~~~~~ You can’t do that!!!! I’m the one giving the orders!!!!!”

“I….. I’m sorry….. Nagi-sama……….” Aya said frantically, fearing that Nagi would get mad at him.

Takatori shifted, opening the front of his kimono, and smiled, “Nagi, my child…. Be patient. Aya, come over here.”

The red head complied eagerly, getting up and walking over to his Master as the man reached out and grabbed his wrists. “Good…..” Kenichi purred, pulling Aya into his lap. He inserted three fingers into Aya’s entrance roughly, earning a gasp that was both pain and pleasure, and let the eager slut strapped his waist. Kenichi pressed his hands to Aya’s waist, “Lie back,” he ordered.

And Aya did, like a skillful yoga practician, which his flexibility was clearly displayed. He grabbed the arms of the chair to steady himself, and spread his legs, opening his entrance, which the tip of his Master’s cock dipped in almost immediately.
Aya mewled, “Master….. please…. hurry………”

Kenichi smiled with pure evilness. “Very soon, my dear…….. Nagi, come here.”

Nagi tilted his head curiously, before approaching the duo, “Yes, Papa?”

Kenichi pointed at Aya’s head with his chin. “Let the toy serve you, Nagi. Put that mouth to work, slut.”

Nagi squealed in happiness, and giggled, kneeling to the floor and letting Aya’s mouth took in his erection, and he mouned, thrusting in hungrily. He adjusted his position so he can let his Papa see him, since Papa said he liked to see his face whenever he play.

And Kenichi smiled, “Good boy….. Still remembers what I like.” He turned to Aya, and thrusted in completely, not caring if the boy was already injured from the ‘corn treatment’ or that his force might hurt him. Aya’s scream was muffled by Nagi’s cock, and he thrusted back, his prostate had been deeply and roughly slammed, sending him almost over the edge already had his Master not strap a cock ring on him.

Nagi was fascinated by the device his Papa put on his toy, and he watched with half-closed eyes while quickening the pace of his thrust downwards into that delicious mouth of his toy’s. He gasped as his Papa reached over, and pushed a vibrator into him without any notice, and he moaned loudly, shuddering as he thrusts into Aya’s mouth mercilessly.

Kenichi watched with interest, while his own pace was slow and painful. His hands were on Aya’s waist, pulling the boy away from his cock slowly and pull the boy back onto it again. Sometimes, he wouldn’t hit Aya’s prostate, and his firm grip on Aya’s waist prevented the slut to even wriggle and try to get his cock to where he wanted it. A sweet torture, really. He’s skillful.

“Ahn….. Papa…….. I can’t….. hold it anymore……..” Nagi moaned, and thrusted down one last hard thrust that almost gagged the poor Abyssinian, before stiffening, releasing in Aya’s mouth with a shudder.

Aya swallowed the cum hungrily, and his tongue darted out, licking some remainings off of Nagi. Nagi moaned in satisfaction, and got up, walking over to the bed and lied back on prodded pillows, watching his Papa fucking his toy with excitement and at the same time, spreading his legs and playing with the vibrating dildo in him happily.

Kenichi stopped his movement all of a sudden, and Aya looked up, his eyes pleading. “Master…….?”

“On your fours, like a slut you are,” Kenichi ordered, pulling away from Aya slightly.

Aya was frantic. His mind was telling him what a crime it would be if his Master was dissatisfied and pulls out of him. He was born to pleasure his Master, and he must fix anything he may have done wrong before his Master gets angry. Aya turned, and leaned his weight on his cheek while he reached back, opening his ass cheek to beg his Master. “Please, Master…… fuck me….. Fuck your slut…….. Please…….”

Kenichi chuckled lowly. How wonderful. His invention was yet again tested to be working beautifully. Even such a hard assassin as Abyssinian, whose morals and dignity was stronger than diamonds, could be broken down this easily and now begging for his cock. He was truely a genius.

Pushing his cock into that begging entrance, Kenichi slapped Aya’s ass hard, “Told you to get on all four, you slut! Now do it!!”

Aya cries out, his pain mixed with joy as he pushed himself up immediately, spreading his legs and pushing back, wanting his Master deep inside him. Like a female dog begging to be fucked. That’s what he had in mind now. Nothing matters as long as he has something large and thick in him, and nothing matters as long as he was ordered to engage in sexual activities.

With Aya in his position, Kenichi started to ride the toy. He picked up the pace a little, and he started to get rough. Pulling himself completely out, Kenichi slammed into Aya before the boy could even protest. Aya cried out, and rocks back at Kenichi, impaling himself onto the large erection of his Master.

Kenichi pumped Aya furiously with fast and rough slams, hitting the boy’s prostate repeatedly as he felt the slut squeezed down onto his cock, providing him more pleasure. He growled, bending down to bit hard on Aya’s shoulder, before climaxing and shooting deep into Aya. He held the boy still until the last drop was securely in the boy before tossing Aya to the corner, literally.

Aya curled into a ball, his hands gripping his cock and stroking it quickly. “M…… Master……….”

“You may take it off now, being a good slut you are today.”

Aya was grateful, as he took it off, he exploded, his seeds spilling onto his face, all over his stomach, and staining the floor as he couldn’t, or wouldn’t, stop himself.

Kenichi got up and redressed, leering at the two toys he acquired for himself lustfully, before walking out the door. He would leave the toys alone so they can have some fun….. and yes, the machine definetely worked perfectly… Now with a few more adjustments…….

Farfarello watched the two men worry in their own style in a slight fascination. It has been more than 30 hours since Schuldich had woke them up with a loud mental scream, telling them that his kitten was missing. Now Crawford sat on the sofa, his chain smoking had caused the room to filled with smoke while Schuldich paced back and forth in the room, his eyes closed as he extended his powers further to search for Aya’s mind.

The result came off all empty, of course. Schuldich sat down on the chair in defeat, “No use….. Aya’s gone.”

Farfarello sucked on his lower lips, something he does when he thinks, and asked, “Is it possible…. if your kitten was taken by Takatori as well?”

“For what!?” Schuldich snapped.

Farfarello shrugged, not effected by Schuldich’s snap. “I don’t know. For lure? He’s the one that has the strongest ties to us. For lust? He’s pretty, you should know. For experiment? He might have some new things invented and need a test subject. For—”

“ENOUGH!!!!!” Schuldich yelled, grabbing Farfarello’s collars and delivered a harsh fist into the Irish’s face, who started to bleed at the corner of his mouth and was still uneffected.

Crawford took off his glasses and tossed it to the table. “Stop, both of you. Especially you, Schuldich, if you still want to see your kitten again. Such violence is redundant and waste of energy.”

“How can you stay calm, Crawford!??????” Schuldich snarled, turning his anger towards Crawford, “They’re fucking gone!!! And we don’t know WHERE the fuck they are, HOW the fuck are they, or even they’re even fucking ALIVE!!!!”

Crawford glared, “If we panic now, we only decreased the chances of them coming back to us alive. You mustn’t—-” his speech was interrupted by his cellphone screeching in his pocket, and he picked up the phone immediately.

Omi’s voice came through.

“We know where they are now.”
To Be Continued…..

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