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Tarnished Rhapsody

August 2004



It is nothing short of a miracle that Schuldich and I have lived together peacefully, with no one either killed or maimed, for six months. To say the relationship as roommates, or lack thereof, is awkward doesn’t do it justice. At least on my part, I think. He is more than content in where he is, sleeping on the floor and being literally my personal dietician, while both of us know that he earns enough as the second chef in the restaurant to sleep elsewhere. How he got to work as a second chef in this small, family-based restaurant is still beyond me.

Every morning I wake at the sweet smell of breakfast; each day is different in some way. It only took him a week to find out some of my favorite foods that I didn’t even know I liked. It’s almost scary to think how he knows more about me than I do. He refuses to let me do the shopping unless he goes with me, which I refused vehemently, and very soon afterward I found myself being ‘handled’, or manipulated, as I allowed him to takes care of anything around the household. I no longer use the generic shampoo but those with fruit scents that he likes so much until I complained, and then it was botanicals that I recalled seeing on the television with a woman making strange sounds while she washes her hair. I still don’t understand why Schuldich laughs so hard whenever he sees those commercials.

To tell the truth, putting aside the major annoyance of him interfering with my life, watching over me eating all the food he gives me like a hawk and making sure I somehow get involve with what he calls ‘fun’ all the time, life living with this menace isn’t as bad as it sounds. I still dislike most of the shows on the television, but under his influence some western drama shows with policemen and prosecutors started to fascinate me. The bookshelf has expanded in its collection, and I was shocked to discover how talented Schuldich is in the art of language. Aside from his native language and Japanese, Schuldich is also fluent in French and English, and some Irish he picked up from the Madman. Knowing my interest in knowledge, he purchased some English textbooks and started teaching me a while back. The German goes out of his way to purchase English version of certain video games, and translate them for me word by word so I can understand their meaning while learning.

Schuldich never lets me off when he is doing something that he considers fun. All right, so most of the general public consider them fun, but that doesn’t mean I need to understand them. Nevertheless, he never seemed to care what my opinion was, but just dragged me along and forced me to play them. One prime example is those video games he seems so infatuated about. Over the past six months, I’ve learned how to play role playing games, and I always had to read him cheat codes and moves from the strategy guide when he tossed the book at me. As if I didn’t have better things to do….

It’s scary that I spend almost the complete twenty-four hours of a day with the man I once hated with passion. Ever since he got himself a job in the restaurant, we almost always leave the apartment together, and I don’t know what is wrong with Kiyoshi-san, but he lets Schuldich leave at the same time as I do, even though chefs are suppose to leave the last. I still suspect the German to this day, since almost everyone in the restaurant is smiling in a very disturbing way whenever we bid them goodbye.

In all honesty, I have to say I do enjoy his companionship. I never realized how lonely I was until the noisy idiot forced himself into my life, filling my every minute with his presence. He knows me, somehow, better than I know myself, and I often find myself studying him in return. I know from experience when he’s using his powers to peer into others’ minds, and the feeling I’d have if he ever tried to enter mine. Many times during our battles in the past I’d fought against the sickly feeling of being penetrated mentally, and having to slam heavy shields around my mind that left me feeling nauseas and exhausted afterwards. Weaker minds such as Omi or even Ken had vomited after such an onslaught, describing the experience as reliving their worst moments in life vividly with no control and their minds being torn open by the German so he could search for what he wanted. I can’t count how many times I have seen my teammates’ eyes glazed in a ghastly way as Schuldich laughed maliciously until one of us attacked him to wipe that smirk off his face.

And now, I live with him. Oh joy.

I don’t know when, or even how, but I think I let down my guard around him after a while. At first, I kept a close eye on him and the ones surrounding him, making sure to have one of the sashimi knives one hand to kill him if he dared to use his powers on any one I know of. That never happened, however, and I only found out how charming the man can be and how his dark humor always seemed to crack everyone around him up. Laughter always accompanied him wherever he went, and during the down time everyone loved to either crowd the kitchen or join him as he supervised my lunch. Not that I’m complaining, but it’s oddly disturbing to see everyone like him so much when… when he just started working there six months ago. It really isn’t that long comparing to others… like me….

Shaking my head furiously, I growl as I scoop another spoonful of curry rice and eat it as if the spoon owes me ten million yen, my teeth banging against the metal loudly. Schuldich stops in his mid-rant about how he challenged Kiyoshi-san earlier that day with a French-style Japanese cuisine and how he plans on beating him and looks at me oddly with concern, “What’s wrong?”

I look up from glaring at my food, and study his features intently. When has the sight of him stopped making me feel enraged or disgusted? We both know that I still hold him responsible for pushing the trigger to my parents’ demise, and Aya-chan’s coma. When did being woken up by him instead of the alarm clock become so normal that I don’t reach to the space next to me on the bed where I used to have my blade there? And at what point in time did eating the food he made become a natural thing that I stop preparing myself for the poisonous attack to my body?

Schuldich blinks, confused at the way I’m looking at him, and gives me a smile before he shrugs, returning to his own food. He is more than used to my silent treatment, and resumes his story about the research he has done online when we first came home, and what kind of French cuisine he wants to try to mix with a Japanese style. He looks up once more when he doesn’t see me move my chopstick, and sighs, “What’s wrong, chibi? You’re not eating. I like you with some fat, you know? So you’ll be softer when I hug you. When have you seen a skinny teddy bear?” he teases.

Ignoring his attempt in making me go back to my food, I put down my half-eaten bowl of rice and stare at him, sorting out my confusions in my head. After prioritizing what I want to ask, I speak up, “Why haven’t you used your powers all this time?”

Perhaps surprised at the first time since he lives with me that I initiated the conversation, he loses his hold of the salmon and let the piece of tender meat drops from his chopstick and lands in the pile of teriyaki sauce. He curses in a colorful string as he makes a mad dash to the kitchen to grab a moist cloth, and hurries back to wipe off the sauce landed on the mat and the tatami, before taking care of the stain on his favorite Final Fantasy T-shirt. I wait patiently until he returns to his seat, after exchanging the wet mat with one of the spare adjacent to us, and look at him expectantly.

Grinning in that annoying way of his, he perches on arm on the table as he rests his chin on his hand, “Why ask, lovely?”

I narrow my eyes, letting the idiot know that I do not wish to repeat or elaborate on my question. The staring contest ends when I simply figure he won’t give the answer and return to my dinner. Just as I put in another piece of salmon into my mouth, he decides to speak. “Because you don’t like it.”


“So I won’t do it.”

I look up once more, confusion clear in my eyes. He smiles and shakes his head, giving me the ‘what can I do with this idiot’ look, which instantly makes me feel as if I’d just won the award for world’s dumbest creation. I narrow my eyes, and he only smiles wider. “Stupid kitty. It’s because I love you.”

My eyes widen at the answer, and I merely stare at him like he had just grown two more heads. The casual way he said the words make me frown once more, and I scowl, “Toying with me, Schuldich? You’ve reached an all-time low.”

Schuldich laughs, and shrugs, “No, I’m not. See, ‘toying’ is for idiotic people who think chasing after some cute boy’s ass with screams and flowers and their nude breasts are their life, and what I do with them is called toying. For you, my little kitten, I tease and cherish you. There is a difference.”

I remember the last time he drags me out for some ‘fun’. We took a train into the heart of Osaka, and he put me at a window seat of a fast food restaurant, instructed me not to leave at all. After leaving me with a tray of chicken nuggets, fries and soft drinks, he put on the disguise he brought with him, a black hair wig and a pair of sunglasses, went down and into the street. I saw him acted all excited and shocked, and took out a cell phone that I knew he found on the train we took. He started talking loudly, which he told me later was about his supposed sighting of a visual rock band down the street in another corner. His voice was so loud, apparently, that immediately he was surrounded by many girls and even some boys. With his unfailing charm, he convinced the crowd and suddenly, there was a stampede as he cleverly stepped out of the way, and everyone within the five mile radius started running towards the way Schuldich pointed them to. When given the chance, the German weaved through the craze and dived into the restaurant. He changed quickly and joined me, popping in two fries in his mouth at once as he panted, laughing hysterically. Nobody cared, since the restaurant emptied within the first five minutes after the first girl ran away screaming. The stampede soon ended when people realized, after nearly an hour, that the sighting was false, and people swarmed into the restaurant once more, cursing at random people for giving them false information.

It was a stupid prank, but it was one that I’ve only read on the books, never seen done. He called it the ‘idiocracy of the mass.’ I call it a sick game.

A flick on my nose brings me back into present situation, and my eyes crossed before glaring back at him. He snickers, and sits back to his side of the table. I scowl again, and before I can warn him for lying to me, he speaks up, his voice oddly softer now. “Don’t think too much on it, okay? You’ll probably just get a headache that way. Just know that I live here because I love you — I like you a lot, and that I won’t do anything you despise. No promise on things that will potentially annoy you though. ’cause that’ll just be too cruel for moi. I need my daily entertainment, ya know.” He pauses, and snickers softly, “But just know that your ass is mine, and off limit to anybody else or I’ll have to kill them.”

I figure salvation was too much of a hope anyway, so I merely glares once more, and returns to my food. There will be another time of battling this out with him, but first, I need to think.

And what does my ass have to do with anything?





After my dying declaration of love to the absolutely clueless kitten nearly four months past, life is still normal between the two of us. It’s actually quite sad, really, and I become a laughing stock in the kitchen. Not that I mind, since providing amusement is so much better than providing death. Not that when it comes to my turn of preparing lunch I wouldn’t give them my pay back, however. I’m sure Kimiko, the head waitress, and Keiko are still having nightmares and diarrhea about my special bento and smoothies.

I can’t find it in me to blame Aya for being ignorant in the art of seduction, even when he’s in the receiving end. Partly, it’s my own fault, and I have nobody else to blame but myself. Wait, I do, but the Takatori brothers are already dead so there really isn’t much I can do on that end besides cursing them repeatedly in my mind. When I blew up the building and killed his parents, consequently sending his sister into a coma, I also quashed whatever sexual exploration he may have wanted back then. He was brought up in a very strict, traditional Japanese family, where sex was a forbidden topic at home. And heaven forbid, the boy went to a private Catholic school, where nearly all of his classmates came from the same type of family. At least throughout middle school, my little kitten had no desire and in-depth knowledge of anything sexual. And he was a high school freshman for two months before he had to drop out and start seeking his revenge.

My guess is, Aya is a late bloomer from the start, since I’ve located his middle school yearbooks for all three years and he looked like an adorable child who sat in front of the class and stood in first row of the group picture. Only when he was in third year did he start to grow in height. Who knew he grew up to be such a tall, handsome, absolutely sexy God that I worship? When his parents died and he shifted his goal in life to revenge, I think he pushed all of the usual adolescent needs, including sex, to the side and focused all his energy into tracking down Takatori and killing him. So in a sense, he skipped puberty completely with my aid and now he has no idea that I am hitting on him daily. I was told to put a damper on it because I’m disturbing others in the restaurant.

It’s quite surprising how open this little town is of our relationship, or lack thereof. Hey, I’m still working on it! At our current rate, though, it probably won’t be until I’m too old for even viagra to help me that my kitten would realize how much I want him. The entire town pretty much has a good idea why I bothered to chase down his pretty ass and force myself into his life, and while half of town chooses to overlook our relationship (or what I attempt to have,) the other half makes it their business in fixing the two of us together. I don’t mind sometimes, except when they force me to report my status and laugh at my misery whenever I whine about how much I failed at wooing my object of obsession.

But the good part of it is in the morning, when Kiyoshi-san doesn’t have that much preparation works to do, he lets me to tend the sushi bar so I can have a better look at Aya’s ass as he dusts the tables and mops the floors. I worship my boss now, not like Brad, since all of the shows I get to see in my life, having Aya bending over the larger tables and dusting it, his ass unconsciously wiggling in mid-air really gives me enough materials for my late-night fantasies. And as usual for this morning, I am wiping the cutting areas and organizing plates at the counter as I enjoy my daily erotic show when Keiko slaps me hard on the back. “Hey, Schu!”

“Ack, woman! What have you against me?!” I cry, nearly having my breakfast beat out of me. Turning to her, I glare as she tsks, waving her chubby finger in front of my face.

“Uh-uh, don’t be rude to me now, you ungrateful brat, because I come bearing gifts!” She grins, and casts a look at Aya who looks away from us immediately. I arch my eyebrow curiously, and put the towel down as I cross my arms.

“Oh? And what gift?”

“Ta-da!” she giggles, covering her mouth as she hands me a DVD. “I found this in my brother’s room. It’s amazing what treasures you can find when you have three adolescent brothers at home. I thought you’d like it, so I hijacked it from him.”

I narrow my eyes at the weird title of the tape, obviously cheap porn, probably shot by some amateur wannabes. ‘The Adventure of Little Red Riding Head,’ it says, and I scoff, “Um, lady… I’ve seen some really good porno in my life, and even though I claim I’m bi, I’m really into penis and ass right now. I doubt vagina and breasts would work, ya know?”

Keiko merely lifted her eyebrow at me, and grined mischievously. I guess being the big sister of three brothers and two sisters would give a person nerves of steel. She smirks devilishly, “All right, I’ll make you a bet. If by the end of this tape you don’t have a hard on, I’ll do all your cleaning chores here for a week. But, if you get off on the tape, you have to make me a large chocolate cake.”

Hm, an easy win, and I get a whole week harassing Aya during work. “Deal,” I say, and clap my hand with hers, a promise seal that she taught me the second week I was here. I hid the tape just in time as Aya walked over, giving me a look that said how much of a weirdo he thinks I am, and puts the rag and broom away.



Seeing the red head sleeping peacefully on the pull-out sofa bed, I make sure the mental ward is there to keep those annoying nightmares that used to keep him up at night away, pleased with myself that he has been getting less of them nowadays. Pulling out my headphones, I plug them into the television so I can enjoy the sound without waking the sleeping kitten, since I sleep later than he does and need my fix of video games or television. Popping the DVD, I re-arrange the sitting mat and my bedding so I can lean against the wall comfortably, and go to sleep whenever the porno bores me. Yes, it’s quite pathetic that when you lose your heart to someone, you also lose your libido along with it.


After the horrible remix of some kind of girly anime opening song, I roll my eyes as the male narrator start with the usual “Long, long ago” introduction. I might as well start planning how to harass Aya now without getting my ass kicked, as I reach for the remote to turn it off. The falsetto voice of a man moaning and masturbating stops me, as I turn and look at the TV as the camera focus on a cute red head grasping his hard cock with one hand, his legs spread wide for the camera as he fingered his lubed ass hole with another. What really pushes me over the top that I feel like I am about to nose bleed is the boy’s look… God, who has the sick (though I am definitely not complaining) idea of styling this guy with similar hair style as Aya’s, and by the Heavens is that purple eye contact he’s wearing?! Well, considering that the kittens used to set up shop in Tokyo, I really shouldn’t be surprised when there’s porn like this with the four kittens as their main model.

The red head started moaning and meowing loudly as he start to leak precum, and a sound of a door open can be heard in the background. A lower voice enters, but the man not seen, “Well, what do we have here… A horny kitten, huh, little red riding hood?”

Shit, I think I am getting a nose bleed and a hard-on now.

The red head turns, and starts crawling towards where I suppose the man, and another longer, thicker erect cock comes onto the screen, as he starts licking the head of the mysterious man. A hand buries into the red manes, gripping it tightly as the boy makes some satisfying sound in sucking the other off.

Fuck… I’m almost feeling that it’s Aya and the cock is mine… Fuck you, Keiko. You fucking saw this tape before you….. Oh fuck! You fucking tricked me, woman!!! How can I be so stupid in forgetting what a fucking hardcore yaoi fan she and her sisters are?!

I swallow hard as I slip a hand into my too tight trouser, pushing it down enough to free my raging erection as I start pumping in sync with the rhythm that the boy adopts in sucking the cock. Soon the hand leaves his red hair and flips the boy over, and with one quick thrust he sheaths himself completely within the small body. I grunt softly, muffling my mouth with my free hand as I jerk forward, and suddenly, the boy’s loud moaning and pleading are muffled to my ears. I blink the lust-induced cloud in front of my eyes off, and gasp as I see the connector of my headphone lying limply on the tatami floor.

Before my numb mind can tell me what to do next, a very awake, very shocked voice asks next to me, “What the hell….?”

That certainly jerks me awake as I scramble about, the remote suddenly hates me and slips from my grasps a few times before I grab it with both hands and turn the TV off. I pant, and turn to look at Aya who sits on the bed, his eyes widen to their largest extent, and slowly looks down at me and frowns. I follow his eyes, and curse as I find myself still hanging out, and quickly (and very painfully) stuff my erect cock back into my trouser.

A moment of extreme awkward silence pass between us, where for the second time in my life I feel like throwing myself off of the highest tower in town or dig a hole and climb in and never leave. I force a struggled laugh, which comes out a merely weak chuckle, as I blush furiously and look at him, waiting for any response, or, to be exact, any form of attack. If he asks for his blade now I will be more than happy to supply it to him just so he can cut me up. Fuck, this is not a memory I want him to have and….

“Is that what you want to do with me?”

My jaw drops as I merely gape at him, until he lifts his eyebrow and reaches over and takes the damn remote control from my hand, and turns on the TV. Instantly, the sound of the man’s blissful grunt and the red head’s lustful moan fill the small apartment, where the camera focus on the boy as he sits up and down the large cock, and the man slaps his ass and cock while calling the boy degrading names. I tear my eyes from the screen and look back at Aya, who has a tint of blush on his face as he maintained a neutral expression.

“Oh, um, haha, that?” I say weakly, pointing at the TV as I snatch the remote back, and turn it off once more. Seeing the inevitable, I sigh, and clear my throat as I look at him, seeing his confusion and his curiosity buried deep inside those dark, amethyst pools that try so hard in maintaining their chill. “Well… Yes, that’s one of the things I want to do with you.”

One of the things?”

I smile, “That, my dear, is fucking. There are so much more I want to do with you, predominantly having your love and make love to you.”

“Fucking? How is that different from what you want?”

Groaning, I slide closer to him so that I can hide the bulge in my trouser underneath the sofa bed, and rest my chin on the bed next to his fingers. “Ok,” I clear my throat once more, trying to think of a way to explain to this adorable, ignorant love of my life. “Well, you see, fucking simply means two, or um, more, people seeking sexual pleasure from each other. It can be done with total strangers, or um, sometimes, by yourself too. The best example will be how Balinese always have different women and they never bother calling each other back. They are just taking physical pleasures from each other and no emotional ties whatsoever at all.”

Aya looks at me intently, his mind digesting the information as he nods, looking very much like a good student, all that he needs now is a notepad and a pen. This whole situation should be considered hilarious, but right now I am just trying my best to tell my kitten how is it different from the porn to what I want, and trust me when I say it is not a simple task to do.

Clearing my throat once more, I scratch the back of my head as I start, heat that rose on my face from the moment he discovers my little tryst with the DVD never seem to have dissipate, “What I want from you is… Is making love. I told you I love you, and I want to have sex with you when you reciprocate the feeling. I don’t know what other people define sex when it’s between two people in love, but for me, it means that I cannot find any appetite for people other than you. So I only want to have sex with you because I love you, and not fuck you.” Shit, I’m ranting now.

Silence filled between us once more while my eyes found a specific spot on his blanket utmost interesting, waiting for him to come to any conclusion or tell me to go to hell. It seems only too long when he speaks once more, “You can do it.”

I choke on my saliva pathetically, and look up to him, my eyes wide while his face appeared serene and determined. “W…. What?” I ask, my voice just louder than a mouse’s.

Aya turned to me, and his expression told me that he had reached a decision. “It’s been ten months, four since you told me. I don’t know if I can ever… reciprocate, but I think…. It’s alright.”

I blink, and inhale deeply while I try to calm myself, wanting more confirmation to my small hope. “Um… We both know I’m stupid so… Can you be more specific?”

He glares at me with annoyance, and re-organizes his thoughts, “I don’t know if I can ever love you. I don’t know if I can ever care for anyone like that except Aya. I know, at least, not having sex is painful. You haven’t had any for ten months, and I…” he blushes slightly, him never appear so beautiful, “I’m okay… For you to… Make love to me.”

I straighten up in shock, studying him as he lower his head, the blush deepens as he look at his hands. I reach over, and take his hands in mine, “Aya, I can wait. You don’t have to do this for me.”

Annoyance glare shot from half-lidded eyes, and he wrench his hands from my loose hold. Unbuttoning his shirt, he growls, “Now or never.”

I put my hand over his hands, and smile up at him as he sidle close, my other arm snake around his waist. “All right, love. But let me do it my way, okay?” I whisper, and when he nods, I lean up, taking his lower lip into mine, sucking on the tender flesh ever so slightly. He looks at me, curiosity no longer buried, and I chuckle, breaking the contact slightly. “Close your eyes. Tell me anytime you want to stop, okay?”

He nods, and closes his eyes. I reclaim his lips, tracing his bottom lip with my tongue, sucking and caressing slowly. After much coaxing, he finally gets the clue or maybe it’s just coincidence as he parts his lips, granting me entry that I craved for years. I find his tongue easily, savoring in the taste that can only be him, sweet with some aftertaste of his mint toothpaste. I suck at his tongue, my own exploring and massaging his gums, feeling extremely satisfied as he slumps slightly against me, moaning softly as he, surprisingly, tries shyly to touch my tongue with his. The dance is slow and testing, with me in the lead and him amazingly cooperative, even a little bit adventurous.

Without breaking the kiss, I push him down onto the bed and I slowly open his pajamas, watching for any signs of unwantedness. The top opens without any complaint, and I start caressing his skin with my hand, slowly exploring from his waist up, finding several places alongside his left side below his ribs that are worth some more prodding and teasing. When he bites down on my lips in warning, I smirk and let my hand reach lower. I tug off his pants quickly, surprised to see him not wearing underwear.

Sensing my surprise, he blushes as he breaks the kiss, his voice a mere whisper against my lips, “Too bothersome.”

I smirk, and shower his lips that are now redden and swell slightly with chaste kisses, “That’s my kitty….”

Purring, I starts tracing his jaw with more kisses, his taste never failed to intoxicate me. I take one of his earlobes, chewing it softly and was more than pleased to hear soft moans from the normally silent red head. Spending a little bit more time on that sensitive spot, I started exploring his chest, taking one hardened nipple in my mouth and twirling the nub with my tongue. He gasps, arching up to me as he shifts on the bed. My hand immediately went behind his back to support him. He took a couple of calming breaths before relaxing and I slowly guided him back down. I treat both nipples with some nibbling and sucking, smiling happily to myself to be the first one (and I will make it the only one) to hear the soft whimpers and gasps from him.

Reaching his navel, I kiss the softened muscle that hasn’t been used much for the past months, his body, while still toned, has become more feminine in look and feel with lack of hard trainings. His feet kick a little when I lick and tease his belly button. When I look up I find a pair of amethysts glaring at me in annoyance. Smiling sheepishly, I tsk, “Close your eyes, honey. Feel, don’t look.”

He grunted softly and he fell back onto the pillow with a soft murmur of “Arrogant German bastard…” It earns him a bite on his stomach. Before he can kick me again and call it quits, I quickly lick along his half-erected penis, and almost stop when he lets out a yelp. I chuckle, and kissed the side of his length several times, before taking his head into my mouth. He gasps violently and jerks, thrusting into my mouth before he kicks me several times, sitting up as he pants, “W… What are you doing?! It… It’s filthy!”

I smile comfortingly, I push him back down and use one hand to lock his wrists above his head, “Not yours, lovely.” With that, I reclaim his cock and start sucking it slowly, humming my satisfaction while creating vibration around his member. Being one to have never even masturbated before, it doesn’t come a surprise when he stills suddenly and a wave of bitter sweetness fills my senses. I swallow him without hesitation, and lick his cock clean before reaching up to him, kissing his lips and letting him taste a little bit himself.

“See, it isn’t too bad,” I whisper in his ears, kissing his face softly.

He pants as he opens his eyes slowly; those hypnotizing orbs slowly clear of mists of lust and he turns to me, frowning ever so slightly. I blink, watching him as he shifts to face me, resting on his side. He reaches down, and I hiss and stiffen as he grabs my own erection in his hand. “You’re not… done.”

I moan, and thrust into his hand slowly. “I… I don’t think you’re ready, so I’ll go take a sho–”

“Do it.”

I narrow my eyes, “Aya… You…”

His determined glare silenced any last of my protest, as I nod. “Be right back,” I say quickly, climbing off the bed and make a mad dash to the bathroom.





I watch him run to the bathroom as if his ass is on fire, and bury my face into the pillow, wondering if what I’m about to let him do will be the fall of me. Reaching over for the remote, I turn on the TV where the red head is now having three men fucking him, one going in his anus as he suck back and forth with the other two. I blush furiously, the sound of bliss and pleasure cover the cluttering sound that Schuldich is making. A loud “Aha!” is in sync with the grunt of a man as white fluid covers the boy’s face, and the German emerge from the bathroom. Wrinkling his face at the TV, he reaches over and turns it off. “Don’t watch that,” he scowls.

I arch an eyebrow at his statement. He was the one who was getting off while watching that, wasn’t it?

As if reading my thought, Schuldich climbs back onto the bed, and smiles as he bend down to kiss me, “You’re so much better than some cheaply made porn… And it’s blasphemy when that brat tries to be as beautiful as you, and fail so miserably.”

I feel the heat on my face rises a little, and I glare at him for talking in such a disgusting way. He laughs, and cups my face while showering me with feathery kisses, “Aww, it’s call sweet talking, and it’s only for you, my love.”

“Get on with it,” I grumble, and kick him once more.

Grinning, he kisses me deeply, drawing out more moans from me until he leaves me breathless. Reaching down, he kisses my limp cock once more, before I hear a pop of a cap being flipped open. A vanilla scent fills the room, and I recognize it from the hand lotion Keiko gave us a while ago, saying that someone gave it to her and she didn’t like it. I cry softly and arch my hips when I feel a slick, cold finger enters my anus, and I shift at the slight discomfort of intrusion. Schuldich presses me down, and curls his finger inside. Suddenly, I melt as I moan at the pleasure that such simple movement made me. He started push in and out with his finger, soon adding another and a third, stretching me completely and pausing in between for me to get used to it.

His fingers graced somewhere…. something… inside me, and I cry out loudly as intense pleasure fills me from the bottom of my spine throughout my body, making me tremble and wanting more. Schuldich whispers a soft “there it is” and starts probing the place several more times. I believe he enjoys hearing the sound more than what he is doing to me. Just when I thought I would explode again just from his fingers in me, he pulls out and leaves me whimpering for more.

Schuldich hovers above me, his hand on my chin and bade me to look up. I stare into his eyes, more the a little surprised to see uncertainty and worry underneath the obvious desire in his eyes. “Are you sure, Aya?” he asks softly.

I study him intently, the same question repeats itself in my head several more times, and the answer comes out the same each time. “….Yes,” I say, after a moment of silence.

He smiles brightly, and kisses me hard as he parts my legs. I close my eyes, and gasp into the kiss when I feel the tip of his cock poking my entrance. Slowly, he pushes himself in, the pain more than I expected and causes me to hitch in breath. He stops immediately, letting me getting used to him. It takes me several breaths to relax myself, and he moves again, pushing himself deeper. He rests one more time and I open my eyes, finding his eyes closes in bliss as if he had just died and gone to heaven. The revelation that it’s me that gives him such pleasure somehow excites me, and I move slowly beneath him, letting him know that it’s okay to continue.

Taking the cue, Schuldich starts moving, thrusting in and out of me slowly, and the pain soon dissolves into intense pleasure that leaves me panting for breath. I wrap my arm around his neck, remembering from the brief scene I saw that the boy in the porn did the same, and wrap my legs around his waist. He growls softly, “Fuck… I’ll definitely buy you some good quality porn then…” and increases his speed. For moments I can’t think or know what is going on except him doing incredible things with that dick of his. Knowing his way already, it isn’t long before Schuldich starts to hit that spot of pleasure repeatedly, making me jerk and cry aloud in exhilaration. Vaguely, I find myself glad that I live in such a run-down apartment; nobody else is on the same floor or even down stairs to complain about me being too noisy. I may just have to commit another sin.

I can’t tell how long this heavenly sensation goes on, but at some point I let out a soft scream, and my body stiffens as the explosion happens once more, this time more intense. I hear Schuldich hiss out a pleasure-full grunt, and I feel him fill me. Panting, he nearly collapses on me, but catches himself and he rolls off, crashing onto the bed instead. He turns me around so he can hold me tightly.

Coming down from the pleasure, I feel exhausted suddenly. I blink off the sleepiness, and look up to him. He takes the chance and showers my face with more kisses, smiling completely like an idiot. “Mine,” he says, tightening his arms and pushing me tighter to him. I struggle slightly, but my strength seems to leave me from the last explosion. I glare at him, and he smiles as he kisses me on the lips again, “What, you think I’m going to let anybody near you again? You’re mine, kitten.”

I growl, “Don’t control me, Schuldich.”

“I don’t dare, love. But I can certainly make sure no other man try to get near you. And you said so yourself, you don’t know if you can love another, right? So all I have to do is make sure nobody can show you their love and all you know is my love, and maybe I’ll have a chance!”

I stare at him incredulously, “…. You’re impossible.”

“And you’re incredible,” he smirks, and kisses me on the forehead softly, “Now go to sleep, my love. I’ll wake you up for a shower and work later.”

I let out a snort, and shift in his arms to steal more of his warmth as I close my eyes, his arms too comfortable for my liking. I don’t know how this is going to work out, but somehow, I feel a heavy burden lifted off of me, and the man is no longer Schwartz, but someone whom I can somehow trust in the future.

— To Be Continued


Author’s Mewling: This chapter came out later than I wanted it to. T_T It was actually written quite earlier, but my beta was busy and so I ended up couldn’t publish it until my Bethie’s beta friend saved me. >w< Many thanks to my Bethie and her beta friend!!!! *billion hearts* Also, thanks to all of you who reviewed my fic!! You have no idea how much it meant to me when I come online and find your kind reviews there!! It just gives me more motivation in writing. ^_^ I’ve been terribly busy and sick for the past two weeks, and also distracted by my new games (damn my sister for getting me into Harvest Moon… It’s a horrifyingly simple yet addictive game… ^^;;;) But now that this chapter is finally edited and published, I will be starting the third chapter very soon and hopefully finish it quickly. ^^ Please keep reviewing and cheering for me! ^v^

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