One of my most favorite series to write fanfiction for, even when I don’t write a lot of them. ^^;;; This game has the best backstory setting with the worst plot among all the Final Fantasy series, in my opinion. Not to say I don’t enjoy other Final Fantasy games, but I absolutely love FFVIII in terms of fic development possibilities goes. When a game has such a solid foundation backdrop yet with absolutely no sensible plot… Fandom creation reigns supreme, I’ll say. XD


Life Afterwards
| Summary With the Second Sorceress war behind them, everyone seeks out their own life in their own ways.
| Pairings Seifer x Squall; Laguna x Rinoa; Irvine x Zell; Quistis + Selphie; Ward x Kiros
| Rating PG ~ PG-13
| Status WIP; stand-alone chapters.
~ one ~ two ~ three ~
| Comments After several years of writing Chinese fics, this is the first English fic I wrote after the break. I’d show y’all my fics from when I first came to the U.S. and start learning English, but I’d be killing ya brutally… so nah. XD


Silent Treatment
| Summary Seifer is the only one who enjoys Squall’s quiet attitude
| Pairings Seifer x Squall
| Rating PG; fluff
| Status Finished; possible edits
| Comments I’ll blame Nicolicious for this one… While complaining to her via IM about going to church and be utterly bored, she suggested I should write something, and this is the result. XD


| Summary Five years after the Second Sorceress War, Quistis forced Squall to do a personal favor for her, and he discovered something he never thought possible.
| Pairings Seifer x Squall
| Rating PG; fluff
| Status Semi-finished, needs heavy editing
| Comments When you’re sick with fever and it’s 1am… what do you do?  You stay up until 5am to write a fic that’s over 10k words! XD Nyahahahaha. *lol*  The first, longest one-shot I’ve ever written, and in one sitting, too! *giggles* (Which probably explains why it needs some heavy editing… Which will happen… Hopefully… soon? *sweat drops*)

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