While my main fic projects are usually in FFVIII or Weiss Kreuz, there are times when I’m hit with the sudden inspiration of random muses running by and had to record them down. Hopefully this section will expand, and if there is a series that I write more than three fics, I’ll move to give it its own section. One thing great about WordPress— It’s so easy to move things around! *squee* >w<


Forced Extraction
| Series | Flame of Recca
| Summary | Fed up with Recca and his attitude towards their relationship, Tokiya made the decision that changed both their lives permanently.
| Pairings | Recca x Tokiya
| Rating | R
| Status | Complete; possible edits
| Comments | My first Flame of Recca fic, which I don’t even remember where it comes from. *lol*  Just kind of feel like writing this pair one day and voila.  I might write some more of this pairing in this future, heehee. XD Published: July 5, 2003


| Series | Final Fantasy X
| Summary | After learning the truth about himself, Tidus questioned his own existence in life.
| Pairings | None; implied Tidus x Yuna
| Rating | G; angst
| Status | Complete
| Comments | It just quite irked me by the time I finished the game that I have to write something about it.  I think I may have watched the ending for like, 5 times, before I started this fic.  I just love the ending of FFX soooo much ; v ;


| Series | Harry Potter
| Summary | A love shared between two people that were destined to be apart, from beginning to the end.
| Pairings | ….. read and find out? XD
| Rating | G
| Status | Complete
| Comments | This was the first fic that broke my rule of not writing any fanfiction until I finish reading/watching the entire series to the end.  Inspired by a dream I had and the aftertaste I kept when I woke up and quickly wrote the fic.  One of my most favorite even when it’s not yaoi. (zomg! lol)

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