While it’s rare, I’ve written some fics that are base on my original settings and characters.  I guess I’m just more used to fanfictions, where I get to rework existing characters into my own pervy way, since developing my own background and setting and characters are just too bothersome sometimes. ^^;;;  Yeah, I can’t say I’m the most hard-working writers out there… *sweat drops*  But when that does happen, and it might be more as I age (!), I will hopefully write more original fictions and put them in here.


Lost and Found
| Summary | Something precious was lost, something precious was found
| Pairings | None
| Rating | G
| Status | Complete
| Comments | Inspired by my baby, Yue, and a dream I had (that seems like a recurring comment, doesn’t it? XD).  It’s Ball-Joint Doll related, and with a nice tang of angst.

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