Here are some fanfics that I’ve had the pleasure of trading or begging for, and they are absolutely excellent.  Please feel free to contact the authors directly or to leave them a comment here! ^_^

The Chosen Sorrow
| Author | Sniffles
| Fandom | Weiss Kreuz
| Summary | Aya is kidnapped by Schwarz, but what’s this? Schuldich is being -nice- to him??
| Pairings | Schuldich x Aya; Crawford x Nagi
| Rating | Shounen-ai/PG
| Status | Finished
~ one ~ two ~ three ~ four ~ five ~ six ~ seven ~ epilogue
| Comments | This is a fic-trade between me and Sniffles/Nicolicious, my beloved ‘neechan, with the same title. Hers is on Schu x Aya, my favorite pairing, whereas mine is focus on Crawford x Nagi, her favorite pairing. My fic is archived in the Weiss Kreuz under the same name.
| Author | Espaa/Norse Gods
| Fandom | Final Fantasy XI x Thor (AU)
| Summary | Loki ruined Lightning’s good night sleep, so she called Snow over to teach him a lesson. Honestly… it’s just a PWP lol
| Pairings | It’s a mess… lol
| Rating | NC-17 PWP
| Status | Finished
~ one ~
| Comments | So one day I’m exhausted from work, and doing homework is making me dizzy. Not feeling the best, I started chatting with Espaa (yes, my lovely editor,) who started mentioning her obsession on Loki. Then we started joking about FFXIII and how what it would be like if the two worlds crossed. I mentioned to Espaa that she should write it (since I’m too busy to do any writing), and lo and behold I got this gift in e-mail! Thank you Espaa!

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